After upgrading my older Lenovo laptop to Windows 8.1 recently, I came across a very annoying problem. Do any reason does anything, it is possible to adjust brightness behavior. Press the keyboard of keys will see the height was be or down, but does not exist real changes on the screen! That is amazing every day.

My first condition can not have hard hardware, and Windows 8.1 not recognized as the verified version. I try to make change the height in the operating system. I opened the Charms Bar and clicked on Settings, and then tried to adjust the brightness there, but nothing happened! I am we have done trouble.

I also tried to go Power Options and change the brightness there, but it didn’t make any difference on the actual display. The second thought that appears at the start is the problem with the driver’s car. I went to Lenovo’s website and downloaded the latest driver software I could find for it. I was hoping that would fix the problem, but it didn’t!

Sửa lỗi không chỉnh sửa độ sáng sau khi nâng cấp lên Windows 8.1

When this week, I have the image that can not be a new driver does not support Windows 8.1 properly, and do that I do not try to standard graphics or Windows basic. Finally, these are the problem fixed. You are only waiting for when Lenovo releases a driver for your desktop my Lenovo old. Here is how to solve the problem.

The bug guide did not adjust the length after when upgrading to Windows 8.1

First, open Control Panel and click on Device Manager:

Cửa sổ bảng 8

Next, expand Display Adapters, and then right-click on the graphics card installed on your system and select Properties. It could be something like Intel HD Graphics 4000, and so on. It will depend on the type of graphics card you have installed, but there should only be one or two listed max.

Hiển thị thuộc tính của bộ điều hợp

Now go ahead and click on the Driver tab and then click the Update Driver button.

Driver update

Next, you will have two options. You want to select the Browse PC option for the firmware.

Client Controller Web Browser

We’re almost done, so keep going! Now go ahead and click the Browse my computer for driver software button at the bottom.

Select from list

Now you want to choose a different driver for the graphics card. You can play around and choose a different one and see if it works for you, but the safest one will always be the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter.

Bộ điều hợp hiển thị bản cơ bản

Depending on your system, you may see multiple drivers listed in the box and even the same driver listed numerous times. . Unfortunately, you won’t run the operating system at the highest resolution or frame rate if you use the basic drivers. Still, at least you can adjust the brightness.

In my case, I switched to basic drivers, adjusted the brightness to where I needed it, and then switched back to the original manufacturer. Hibernate is at the level I have set, so that’s fine. Then check regularly to see if there’s a new driver available and install when it becomes available. If you are still trying to edit the height on Windows 8.1, subscribe to comment here and tell us the details. Enjoy!