As a simple and lightweight browser, Windows 10 users often prefer to download Google Chrome. But lately, many users are accessing Chrome Settings failed due to Unknown Error while working on Windows 10. When trying to download multiple times, they can manage the download file. During installation, this error message will pop up and eventually annoy the user.

When you are confronted with Chrome Install Failed due to Unknown Error, you must delete the Chrome Apps folder from your computer.

Furthermore, stopping McAfee’s real-time scanning solves the problem with ease.

However, experts have done their best to uncover the root cause of this error. They were unable to find any issues that were neither obvious nor undefined. The technical team is working to fix it as soon as possible, and meanwhile, you can get around this error by applying a simple trick.

We will show you specific workarounds that can help you get past this error and allow you to install the browser quickly.

How to fix failed Chrome installation due to Windows 10 unknown error

Step 1: First, launch the meeting at the Run dialog on your computer by pressing the Windows + R hotkey together.

Step 2: Enter the following text in the text box and click the Ok button.

% USERPROFILE% AppData Local Google

Step 3: This action opens the File Explorer with some folders. Select all the folders using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A

Step 4: Delete all these Google folders by pressing the Delete key.

Step 5: A warning dialog may pop up to delete files permanently. Click Yes to continue.

Step-6: Finally, restart Windows 10 PC. When it starts, try to install Google Chrome browser again.

Hopefully, deleting these folders exceeds the Failed Chrome settings due to Anonymous Error on Windows 10.

If you cannot complete the deletion because it tells you that the application is still in use, you need to do it through Task Manager. Finish all chrome.exe related processes and follow the below steps.

Step 1: Right-click on the taskbar, and from the displayed list, select the Task Manager option.

Step 2: Save the Processes tab and find all items, including Chrome and Google, under its name. Perform a right-click on each item one by one and click End task.

When you are finished with all the processes, try to delete the folders below Google. After deleting the Google Apps folder, try to install your browser again.


Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers. Also, this browser is very compatible with Windows 10 operating system. Any problem in this web browser settings will be annoying. Even though authorities are trying to get past Chrome Install failed due to Windows 10 Unknown Error, you can also bypass it manually. We have discussed a straightforward but useful tip here, and we can expect you to download and install the browser on your computer by applying these instructions correctly.