This is a widespread and known problem in Windows operating systems. Many times Windows users face this problem when they try to connect to a Wi-Fi or local area network connection (Ethernet) network. They receive the following error message troubleshooting the problems:

Local Area Connection, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi doesn’t have a Valid IP Configuration.


Ethernet doesn’t have a valid IP configuration.


Wi-Fi doesn’t have a valid IP configuration.


Wireless network connection doesn’t have a valid IP configuration.

You may also receive ” Limited Connectivity, “No Internet Access,” or similar error message while trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network or a LAN connection. Sometimes you may see a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark or symbols on the Taskbar notification area’s network icon.

Most of the time, that kind of problem and error message occurs due to the TCP / IP setup error, and reinstalling the TCP / IP settings fix the problem.

If you are also facing this annoying problem, you can try the following steps to fix this problem:

1.and run the following command:

netsh winsock reset
netsh int ip reset
netcfg -d
ipconfig / release
ipconfig / renew
ipconfig / flushdns
ipconfig / registerdns

2.Restart your computer, and after reboot, the problem should be solved. Now you will be able to get a full Internet connection without any problem.