The Windows 10 operating system wasn’t smooth sailing for everyone. Immediately after releasing Windows 10 to the public, most people who upgraded to Windows 10 had to deal with inconsistent Start Menu and default apps.

Microsoft solved most of the issues with the November update and Anniversary Update for Windows 10, but it still has many cases. A common complaint about Windows 10 is that File Explorer opens very slowly.

Also, File Explorer or Windows Explorer usually takes two to three seconds to open after performing a reboot or a cold boot. But then the launch happened immediately.

Windows Explorer opens slowly in Windows 10

Since starting Windows 10, many users have complained that File Explorer usually takes 5 to 10 seconds to open.

Khac phuc khoi đong cham File Explorer trong Windows 10

Well, if you are also experiencing a slow opening of File Explorer or Windows Explorer in Windows 10, you can try the solutions below to solve the problem.

Method 1: Restart your computer

If you have performed system restart for a while, it is recommended to restart your computer again before trying other solutions mentioned below.

Method 2: Stop and open the Windows Search service of Windows

Step 1: Type System Configuration or Msconfig in Start/taskbar search and then press Enter to open the System Configuration dialog.

Mở tập tin thám hiểm chậm trong cửa sổ 10 pic1

Step 2: Here, click the Services tab. Now you will see all running and stopped services.

Step 3: In the service list, find the Windows Search service.

Step 4: Uncheck the Windows Search box. Click the Apply button to disable the service.

Mở tập tin thám hiểm chậm trong cửa sổ 10 pic2

Step 5: Finally, check the Windows Search service and then click the Apply button to start over.

Mở tập tin thám hiểm chậm trong cửa sổ 10 pic3

Close the System Configuration dialog box. If you see the dialog Restart and Exit without restart, click the Exit without restart button.

Mở tập tin thám hiểm chậm trong cửa sổ 10 pic4

Try launching File Explorer now. Now it will start without any delay.