The laptop keyboard stops working when the driver is installed on the incompatible computer or is not correctly connected to the computer via the internal wire. Sometimes the problem is easily fixed by just power looping your computer.

If some keys do not work, specific keys may contain dust, or an object between the physical key and the receiver might block the signal. In this case, you should clean the keyboard after removing the original cover.

How to fix the Laptop Keyboard not working

In addition to the title of the article, there are several other topics in the same category as well; the solutions listed below apply to them as well.

Dell Laptop Keyboard not working on Windows 10: When there is a system update or malfunction, your DELL Laptop keyboard won’t work – Users mainly report a problem with Dell Laptop running Windows 10.
Some keys on the Keyboard not working: You may also experience problems when some keyboard keys are not working, mainly because the settings are fine and there is no possibility of a hardware failure. W
In all of the above cases, the solutions listed below should resolve the issue.

Note: You can try attaching a keyboard or mouse to your Laptop using a USB cable to follow the solutions listed below.

Restart the Laptop and remove the battery

Before we uninstall the drivers of your Laptop keyboard, we will try your Laptop cycling power. When we power on, the computer is restarted with new parameters, and all hardware components are loaded and connected from scratch. We will remove the battery and wait a few minutes to make sure the process is complete.

B1: Turn off your laptop completely. If you cannot turn off, press the power button for a few seconds to power off.

B2: When the computer is off, remove the battery. Slide the buttons (if available) and after you hear a click sound, slide the battery out of the Laptop.

Wait a few minutes to make sure all power is unplugged from the computer. Now reconnect the battery, attach the power cord, and turn on your computer. Now check if the issue is resolved.

Install the default Driver

If Laptop Power is not working, you can try to install the default keyboard driver included. The default drivers are stored in the BIOS, are initialized if the computer does not find a suitable driver for your device. This method will help you to troubleshoot whether the problem is with a physical driver or driver.

B1: Click on Start, type “Run” and select Run in the Start menu, type ” devmgmt. msc ”in the dialog box, and press Enter. You can also click on the Windows icon and choose a device manager.

B2: Once in the device manager, expand Keyboards, select the keyboard, right-click the keyboard, and select Uninstall device.

B3: After uninstalling the device, please restart your computer entirely. The system will detect that the driver is not installed for the keyboard and install the default driver. If the driver doesn’t show up, you can right-click on any space in the device manager and select Search for hardware changes.

If the keyboard appears as a device with a yellow exclamation point, right-click on it, select Update driver and install the driver after manually downloading it from your laptop manufacturer’s website.

Change the Ease of Access setting

Ease of Access settings is available on most versions of Windows to help users use the computer. Sometimes these settings may not be configured / not working correctly, causing problems when using the Laptop keyboard. We can disable these settings and check if the problem gets solved.

B1: Click the Windows search bar present on the left side of your screen and type ” Ease of Access “. Open the application that returns the results.

B2: When in Ease of Access Center, select the category ” Make the keyboard easier to use “.

B3: Uncheck the following options on the screen:

Turn on Mouse Keys

Turn on Sticky Keys

Turn on Toggle Keys

Turn on Filter Keys

B4: Now restart your computer completely and try using the keyboard. Check if the problem is resolved.

Check for hardware problems

If all of the above methods didn’t work, you should check your computer for a hardware problem or not. It is sporadic that the Laptop keyboard is not working and causes issues like the keyboard being discussed. If the software methods didn’t fix it, there is likely some hardware issue with the keyboard. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when troubleshooting the problem:

  • Make sure your keyboard is clean and with no substance stuck inside.
  • Make sure that there are no breadcrumbs or other edible items inside the keyboard.
  • Make sure that the keyboard connector strip is correctly connected to the desired port.

Note: You should also make sure that no anti-virus software conflicts with the keyboard driver. You can temporarily disable them to fix the problem.