Windows 10 Insider Preview users are surprisingly facing Windows Update Error 0x80096004. The problem occurs during the update phase, and it is restricting them from installing the update by terminating it. A detailed study of this error shows that the code stands for TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE – The signature of the certificate cannot be confirmed.

This means that your update package includes invalid or corrupted certificates. And this eventually causes Windows Update Error 0x80096004 to occur. The entire message that appears on the Windows Update page is

“There were some problems installing updates, but we’ll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80096004) ”.

In addition to certificates, DNS conflicts and corruption in Windows Update components are also responsible for TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE. Unfortunately, when this happens, the user has to cancel the download.

There are very few promising solutions that you can give an attempt to ignore. So let’s tackle this issue together.

Windows Update Error 0x80096004 TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE

Solution 1 – Uninstall a third-party antivirus product

The main culprit of Windows Update Error 0x80096004 TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE is the presence of third-party antivirus products. Foreign virus scanners often damage packages during their checks after downloading. So the first thing you should do is uninstall such solutions.

You may be wondering that after removing anti-virus software, your computer will not be safe. Don’t worry because the operating system with protection is called “Windows Defender Security Center””. It scans your computer from time to time and keeps it safe from malicious intruders and threats.

Remember that a simple uninstall won’t solve the problem. It is recommended that you run the Anti-Virus Clean Tool to remove the left files even after uninstalling the product. Popular anti-virus providers offer cleaning utilities on their websites. Use the tool to remove the remnants behind the worms on your computer. So go to the anti-virus program website and use Clean Tool to remove all the rest from the system.

Solution 2 – Check and repair system files

In some cases, corrupt Windows or damaged certificate is also the root cause of Windows Update Error 0x80096004 TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE. Therefore, you should try to check and repair system files using Windows 10’s built-in tools.

Step 1 – To get rid of Windows Update Error 0x80096004, launch a Command Prompt. To do so, first, type cmd in the Cortana text field. Right-click on the result and select Run as administrator.

Step 2 – When UAC prompted, click Yes to open the black control panel.

Step 3 – Now, type or copy / paste the below command and press the Enter key –

sfc / scannow

Step 4 – Wait a moment and let the scan go through. If it detects any damaged files, it tries to repair them immediately.

Step 4 – Wait a moment and let the scan go through. If it detects any damaged files, it tries to repair them immediately.

Solution 3 – Scan and repair Component Store Integrity Windows

Corrupt packages in the Windows component store can also be the reason for Windows Update Error 0x80096004 TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE. Microsoft has its tool, the DISM command, to scan and repair the entire Windows component store.

Step 1 – Well, here, open Command Prompt using any way you like.

Step 2 – Copy/paste or type the command below to inspect and repair the entire Windows component store.

Dism / online / cleanup-image / ScanHealth

It detects stored components for damage and can take a good few minutes to complete.

Dism / online / cleanup-image / CheckHealth

The CheckHealth command scans a registry entry and reports. It tells you about the damage and tries to repair the damaged components.

Dism online / cleanup-image / RestoreHealth

The above command will try to repair the damaged packages using internal methods.

Note – Let the first command run entirely, then execute the second command, and finally enter the third command.

Learn more about these tools from our guide SFC / Scannow, DISM.Exe, CHKDSK Windows 10.

Solution 4 – Microsoft Update Catalog

Experts claim that Microsoft’s infrastructure is the reason for Windows Update Error 0x80096004 TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE. When Microsoft doesn’t sign the correct packages with the certificates, you tend to get such problems. So what you can try in this case is to download the packages manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog. When you visit the website, look for the update using either the KB number or the update name (for example, Windows 10 version 1709 version).

Note – If you don’t know the update number, go to Windows 10 update history page and look for the latest update.

Solution 5 – Start the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Step 1 – To fix Windows Update Error 0x80096004 TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE, open Settings using the Windows + I keys. However, you can use any other way to launch it with.

Step 2 – From different categories, contact Update & Security .

Step 3 – Go to the Troubleshooting section on the left sidebar. On the right pane, select Windows Update.

Step 4 – Click Run the troubleshooter, as shown in the given image.

Step 5 – Follow the instructions on the troubleshooter and complete the scan. Finally, it tells you about the error found and its repair status.

Solution 6 – Restart Windows Update Services

Step 1 – Type services.msc into Cortana text field and press Enter.

Step 2 – A window appears with a list of services. Now locate Windows Update service, Background Intelligent Transfer service, and Cryptographic services, respectively.

Step 3 – Double click each cell, and from another dialog, click stop.

Step 4 – Now navigate to the following path:

C: Windows SoftwareDistribution location

Step 5 – Select items from this folder and delete all. You can press Ctrl + A to select them. Then from the right-click option-click Delete. And once again, confirm the deletion process in the dialog box that appears.

Step 6 – Re-open the Services window.

Step 7 – Here, locate the Windows Update service, Featured Smart Service, and Encryption Service again and select the addresses one at a time. Right-click on the service and choose Start from the options.

Step 8 – Close all Windows and restart the computer. At startup, rerun Windows Update to check for Windows Update Error 0x80096004 TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE.

These ways are found to be effective in most cases. However, you cannot solve the errors using the solutions above. It would be best if you used the Media Creation Tool. You can download it easily from Microsoft’s website.


Any update error is nagging as they restrict the user from getting the update. So whenever you come across any mistakes like Windows Error 0x80096004 or TRUST_E_CERT_SIGNATURE update, you need to fix them in the first place. We have discussed the three ways above, which are very useful in improving the error. Please try to read these and apply them appropriately to keep Windows up to date to avoid mistakes.