You get the error. Your computer is missing Media features when trying to install iCloud on Windows 10. This strange message will stop using Apple products on your system. You get instructions about the pop-up – Download the media feature pack for Windows from the Microsoft website and install and try again. Here, we present you with reliable solutions that can solve the problem.

Fix Your computer is missing Media features, iCloud client, in Windows 10

The error appears on the affected system when Windows cannot find the program’s media features. And finally, the operating system finishes undoing the display after an error message –

Sửa lỗi Your computer is missing Media features iCloud client trong Windows 10

Method 1: Recover communication feature packs

Because the removal of these technology files is the main reason so when Windows Media Player is lost, it forces the system of this error message to appear on the screen. As a result, the recovery of WMP might be faultily gone. Hence we first try this one after the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the search box located on the taskbar and type Windows Features.

Step 2: Pressing the Enter key will take you to a new dialog named Windows Feature On or Off.

Step 3: Locate the Section Media Features and expand it. Select ” Windows Media Player ” and click OK to make modifications.

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Step 4: Restart your computer and check for error messages. It will be resolved upon WMP recovery and if it appears unsuccessful again, continue to the next resolution.

Method 2: Add Media function to Windows 10 N version

Using Windows 10 N or KN editions could cause this error when Microsoft releases these versions under pressure. Both SKUs do not have Windows Media Player nor any media features too. So if you have these versions of Windows, you need to add media part packs right away. Microsoft has separate packages for all versions of Windows 10. But finding a niche is equally essential; sometimes, you also need custom media features. Following the Media Feature Pack list for Windows N versions page will guide you to have a perfect one in this regard.

Adding Media features to Windows 10 N edition will overcome the iCloud setup error. If the process goes in vain, too, follow the next methods.

Method 3: Uninstall the Antivirus program

Windows 10 refuses to add Windows Media Player with it and displays an error code 0x800F0821 for the Avira Virus scan. Hence, the iCloud settings are also canceled. In this case, uninstalling and completely removing the program from the system can help you resolve the error.

Windows 10 comes with a powerful built-in Windows Defender. In the real scenario, no additional antivirus program is needed. Instead, they create other problems and errors. We recommend that you use Windows Defender only and avoid installing any other anti-malware program.

Method 4: Change DWORD in Registry

When all the solutions mentioned above fail to resolve the error, the registry will be the last option to complete. Follow the instructions below to do so

Step 1: Click the Search box next to the Start menu and type regedit. When the same regedit appears at the top of the search results, click on it.

Step-2 On the Registry Editor window, navigate to the following path:

Computer HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Setup WindowsFeatures WindowsMediaVersion

Step 3: After you access the WindowsMediaVersion key, switch to its right pane. Here, double-click on Default and assign the value as 1. Click the OK button to reinstall iCloud.

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Now take an iCloud snapshot, and this time, you shouldn’t get any media related errors.

Limitations of Windows Media Player by shutting down and preventing antivirus software from developing Your computer is missing Media media feature information. So, with so many possible workarounds, you can quite quickly get past this iCloud setup problem.