Far Cry 5 has exciting things about the gameplay that can bring you the right entertainment moments. You have a reason to try this super product.

No, of course, for all reasons, there’s no plot. You should play Far Cry 5 just because of its gameplay components. Despite its minus points, in general, Far Cry 5 is still a good game, very suitable to experience whether you are a veteran fan or a novice to this genre.

Shocking and funny design

Although this is a serious game overall, the components of Far Cry 5 are scattered with a long-lasting joke. You will find a lot of details along the way.

Far Cry 5

Mr. Hurk Drubman Sr ran for election and had a complicated way of accumulating votes.

An example is Mr. Hurk Drubman Sr, father of dynamite and rocket boss Hurk. He assigned a mission called “Make Hope Great Again” to mimic the slogan of President Trump. He said that he would run for state congressman, and the cultists were crazy, but they still had the right to vote, and they declared they would not vote for him. To not lose out in the election, he asks you to block the main intersection in the area and eliminate as many cultists as possible to protect his votes.

Or you may also meet a disgraced scientist Larry Parker with a strong belief in aliens. After a series of missions, you will help him complete the superspace moving machine that helps him escape from the earth and travel into superspace. When the machine is complete, he uses himself as an experiment and asks you to press the start button. Then he disappeared! It is unclear whether he succeeded or failed as at least leaving you with a pair of special shoes and a gravity gun. This gun can repel enemies or blow them to pieces if used at close range.

The task of carrying pregnant women to birth is both strange and humorous.

Most dangerous is Tweak, a drug handler who used to make bliss, a unique drug of Joseph Seed. He entices you to test his new energy boost, which will help you become as agile or consequential as a god in a short time. It sounds not good for health.

Experience great team combat

Far Cry 5 brings a new feature that provides 24/7 companions for you, except for important story missions that force you to go alone. The Specialist and Fighter companions in Roster will play a supporting role for you and work as a team in various situations such as outpost attacks, random fights on the road, or moving and flexible attacks on vehicles.

Far Cry 5

It is straightforward to find and hire companions with all types of games.

Besides, the game also offers co-op mode, so you can invite friends to coordinate combat. Invited friends will play in the “host’s” process to not affect the private world they are playing. Experiencing a networked combination with voice chat can make you feel like the special forces, and action coordination in the film is very little.

In particular, regardless of whether the person or the control AI, your teammates can heal you if accidentally defeated. You will be one more layer of “game over” boundaries thanks to this revival function.

Exciting tinkering with the function

Far Cry 5 updates many new features so you can single-handedly play around for hours in the game. First of all, fishing, in addition to finding rare and difficult fish to challenge, you also have challenging missions to the famous fishing legend in the area. On the other hand, fishing in the mountains is also a special relaxing experience.

Far Cry 5

Fishing is also a great experience unless you are disturbed by uninvited people.

In the fifth installment, the game also provides more melee weapons instead of just a knife like the previous sections. From here, you can do many “dirty” games, such as instead of using a gun, you take the baseball to “knock-on” the crazy guys in the area. There are even gamers who show off playing the “funny shovel” game enemy miserable.

The ways of fighting are both strange and effective.

Outpost attack has always been a unique feature of the Far Cry game series. In Far Cry 5, you continue to have the opportunity to challenge these outpost stations in many ways. The most challenging type is to be a ninja, taking down an entire camp without anyone knowing what happened. Even gamers are still tinkering to creating an action scene that predicts the enemy’s location from the beginning to the end in a fantastic way.

The haunted house contains a hidden treasure referring to IT movies.

The new function of Prepper Stash is different but equally exciting experiences. These treasures will often need you to deal with something to open the door. I am sometimes looking for the person who holds the key, knocking out the gatekeepers, fumbling to find the place to hide the keys. Most probably is the treasure in the haunted house when the landlord forces you to go through the haunted house by him erected to the treasure chest, then filled with ghostly laughter in the phone and details reminiscent of IT movies.

Far Cry 5

Far Cry Arcade with levels designed and shared by players

Far Cry Arcade is also a good thing for you to tinker with. This time, your challenge will be to build the game screen. You can create a battlefield area, arrange nooks and crannies, and position enemies and give other players a try. You can also create your outpost according to your rules and arrangements to challenge those who want to try it out. Or if you do not have the “hands” or are interested in creating screens, you can play a user role to try and play screens designed by others.

Do “speed ghost” without water.

Car depot in the game is also an interesting point. With many more beautiful and modern updates than the previous versions, you will have much fun “stir” in the game. These vehicles can be purchased and taken for unlimited use in the corresponding shops throughout the map. You can use a “genuine” sports car to surf the countryside or buy a plow to cultivate all the road cult drivers.

Far Cry 5

Driving a plow is also “very good”, people go there, but a bit tortoise.

Not only vehicles but heavy ships, fighters, and rocket helicopters are available for you to use. These, plus the M79 sidearm and companion, are enough for you to be the king of speed in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5

Helicopters with machine guns and rocket launchers, you can be the king of the sky with them.

You can drive to disrupt enemies who are vehicles on the road, drive patrol boats to destroy enemies along the river, or drive ships on the river. More majestic than flying helicopter helicopters from above attacked to discharge missiles on any enemy’s works and then quickly fled.


There are many things you can do in Far Cry 5 to find the best gaming experience. Just don’t focus on its bad and pointless plot. The game will have its own story, but it may take a while to make room for those features.