Read slowly, relax with a cup of tea or coffee – butting beef or Monster is not bad, and contemplate the process of playing the game from past to present.

On weekends, enlist the Sword Art Online series. This series is too popular then, but I still summarize within a note for those who have not watched. The series is about a group of role-playing game players trapped in the game itself and when they die in the gaming world, their real-life bodies also die. The film talks about the difficulties and torment when making decisions and choices of each player, because in Sword Art Online we are no longer restricted by public opinion or law, between the boundary between virtual and real, which is not new. Is human nature really? Our decision is in the virtual world, but how deep does it affect the real world?

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Gamers we have an immortal saying:

I am a gamer not because I don’t have a life but because I choose to have many

Basically the meaning is “I chose to be a gamer, not because I have a life (life) but because I choose to live with many personalities, many characters.” So what gamers do we choose for ourselves? What character and what are we looking for in that vast game world.


First let’s talk about sandbox RPGs like the game Sleeping DogsSleeping Dogs . This is the game that I really like. Tui plays a submerged cop, hiding herself in the Triads, the notorious gangster organization in Hong Kong to hunt down criminals. That game is very good, it simulates up to 80% of Hong Kong Island always, famous landmarks like Tay Cong, Du Ma Dia, Tiem Sa Chui … are all reproduced.

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When I entered the game, I saw a familiar feeling, which was originally in Hong Kong for nearly a month, so I was not surprised with the party here, sometimes I found the shops invited in Cantonese, kind of funny xị á, see fun. Not to mention yet, going around the Cuu Long market to discover the snack area like fried fish balls, stinky tofu, and brown rice … also very happy, going home after going to sleep, without money, go to find some brothers and sisters, give them a battle to make money or bear more can work as collectors collecting money to buy stalls in the market.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us: Despair named “humanity” If The Last of Us is a piece of music, then this will be a seductive jazz sheet music about the fate of man in adversity.

If this job is not enough stimulation, you can go to the “level” of illegal racing, the bonus is very high but the risk of police “tó” is not low. If you have a lot of money, what should we do? Of course, I have to find some “relaxing” massage salons in the red light districts. But going to Massage in Sleeping Dogs not only helps restore health, it also increases the Face Meter, temporarily called the “cheek number” bar is very useful when fighting or stabbing on duty. Overall fun, how is this any different in real life?

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Well ahem, maybe my life will keep going like that, then it won’t work, I have to find a martial arts teacher to have room for myself. No matter what you say, the police are surrounded by 5-6 guys, and each guy gives a knife, so he might go to his grandparents. Well then had to choose the task of learning martial. In order to unlock this mission, you have to do a mission to save a beautiful girl – sounds familiar, exactly like watching TVB movie, after saving your sister, you introduce a martial arts master.

Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII – Haunting options under fire The lessons that Call of Duty: WWII conveyed in the plot are the fate and obsessive choices of humans under the rain of bombs and storms.

Oh behold, this hand is too greedy, one lesson fee is a statue of 12 zodiacs, 12 martial arts exposing route, you have to earn 12 children? Scooping this guy is real. Well, then brush my teeth to find the statue to learn enough martial arts but also have a body room. Believe me, you will become Bruce after learning all the diligence of this teacher. Even in the game there is a side mission, allowing the incarnation of the actor Ly in the movie Tu Vong Du Ly, fighting jubilantly on a deserted island, the last survivor is the winner. With color film-style cutscenes and the introduction of 70s characters will make you fall in love with this mission.

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In this game, the beauty of it is that there is no limit to the side quests, all of these quests are immediately replaced by other tasks, although it is a bit repetitive but that is true. life, there is always no work to do right. That is not to mention the game for us to choose the trend of becoming a Gypsy or a police, if choosing to become a police officer, it will unlock skills such as taking guns from police cars, being assisted by police … And if choose to become a gangster, the ability to go to the police “ask” a bit too much. I like to choose the police because I like justice and protect justice. Then plow according to the police rank.

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Being a police officer is not as easy as I thought at first, even though you are following the game’s main story line. You have to choose tasks like hunting, robbing, finding lost children, hunting for criminals … and absolutely not participating in the side missions of the gangster to lose points, there’s one that I’m very upset. When on duty police and keep the point it does not fall are the time when driving, driving vehicles are not hitting people as well as into public properties. It is very difficult but not simple and sometimes I have to turn off and play the missions again and again because I think I am a real police.

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A friend of mine loved the charismatic and often wandering wanderings that are often portrayed in dramatic dramas in TVB’s gangsters, so he chose the dark path. He said that after returning to the country, whether you choose to persevere with the police or darken in the direction of the gangster, the end of the game does not make much difference, but anyway the choice of the submerged police path or society Black is to solve problems of the game, you have more options and experience many aspects of society.

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I like the lines in Sleeping Dogs, some are superficial but straightforward but full of gratitude between people and people, some of them seem to be difficult to understand but think carefully and see a great moral about how to live, how people behave and how to be a true person. The conversation that impressed me the most was at the end of the game, when inspector Pandev – a madman of justice, for protecting his beliefs could defy the tricks, facing the main character Wei Shen .

Wei Shen: Why did you poison Po and sell me to the 14Ks?

Pandev: For the sake of the greater and more and more like a gangster.

Wei Shen: At least I’m still a human being.

This game for those who play to return the country takes about 3 days, but I play to more than 1 month to do the quest and build police rank to max is not a bad choice. Well, babble some lines to share with everyone, see everyone in some upcoming games.