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Until now, I think that choosing to be a gamer for years has never been a wrong decision.

I belong to the first generation 8x, a generation that has tasted a bit of the suffering of the years of innovation in the early 1980s but was fortunate to inherit the benefits of the digital revolution brought in the early 2000s.

In the ’90s, when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old, at that time, don’t think about the internet, if anyone’s home had a color TV, they would be considered a giant in the eyes of the village.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ

I am fortunate that a well-off child should have the opportunity to come into contact with Nintendo ‘s NES tape game player with legendary games such as Contra, Castlevania, Battle City, Tetris, … for a child who said, It’s a whole big and magical world. Sometimes I spend hours just looking at the graphics in the game for the eyes and of course I also beat the buttocks countless times because of the crime of gaming.

Over the years, as I started growing up, the society began to change and many things also changed, but the boy who loved the game to the point where he smacked my ass every year remained intact like I never had a separation, but its hobby has started to improve in both quantity and quality like the man who once said a very rational sentence:

Men do not grow with time, only their toys grow with the years.

I remember the time of fasting and drinking for a whole month just because I wanted to save money to buy Resident Evil game forks. Sounds a little funny, right? Now the DVD with the capacity of 4.5Gb is only a few thousand dollars a piece but in the years 1999-2000, the 700Mb CD was very expensive, guys, although it is not copyrighted but its price is for a student. Extremely acrid. And yet I finally bought the legendary game.

I always remember the first time I went to disc store to buy The Curse of Monkey Island, this is a whole new world – both in disc and game, after that. I was fascinated by the adventure game line though my English at that time was only babbling, including some top games like Broken Sword, Indiana Jones, Syberia …

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – Phần 2

Game and journey to regain childhood dreams – Part 2 Continuing the first part of the series of Games and journey to recovering childhood dreams, today I would like to talk to you.

Then I accidentally played Final Fantasy 7 for the first time, every “first time” was a sweet memory. I was immersed in the world of FF7, searching every corner of the game, when Aerith died, I also stopped eating and drinking for a whole week, losing weight so much that my family panicked because I thought I was playing drugs. It was bad for me that at that time, this problem was quite popular and the media also reported very harshly so I lay down and got hit and it was quite hard for me to get rid of this unjust sentence.

Then FF8, FF9, FF10, I immersed myself in the fantasy world of gaming. There are times when I turn on the game, go around in the world map to experience the magic of graphics. At that time, it was time to change from 8-bit graphics to 3D graphics, it was hard to describe the excitement of our generation because it was a true revolution in video game graphics.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ

In the era of MMORPG, which is Lineage, . for the first time I find myself no longer alone in this fantasy world. We form a clan, team up to hunt monsters, have fun, laugh together, share with our brothers both the joys and sorrows in that fantasy world. It seems that game publishers increasingly show their graphics technology to the end so that we gamers can fully enjoy their adventures in the fantasy world. the best.

I still vividly remember a sad, rainy afternoon, and nothing happened to install the Dragon Age Origins game, which was downloaded a few days ago but had not had the opportunity to play. I truly immersed myself into the game, the resentment of the love in the game, the dream of the Gray Warden to eliminate evil, kill dragons and extinguish the Blight disaster.

Above all, the world in the game was truly majestic, it was on a level that had to be said to be “above my imagination” at the time – of course, it was impossible to imagine the scenes in the game. Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition are the inheritance and development that publishers strive to bring our experience to the highest with a shimmering, fanciful world.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ

Or like Shadow of the Colossus , Horizon Zero Dawn … in addition to experiencing extremely fascinating storyline, we have the right to experience a beautiful, ecstatic world, beautiful on every branch of the grass.

Or as the blockbuster Monster Hunter: World has just launched earlier this year. The game brings us back to the beautiful memories of a time of adventure games, and I can be a hero except evil, destroy the immense world and, importantly, adventure into a fantasy world with the fraternal parallel.

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