Sometimes you do something relatively meaningless or bring no real benefit, just because it is a habit that is difficult to give up or vague childhood memories.

Before eating rice, you have to pick up grain and chew it into the mouth to feel the starch’s sweetness. Turn on the computer to see how much hard drive space is available even for an HDD office worker who doesn’t know the date. Years of use or bring a cigarette to your nose to feel the stimulation of nicotine before lighting a fire. It is just one of the few unconscious habits that we each own, which are relatively meaningless or, to put it most respectfully, they are of no practical benefit. We often do them because it is one or more difficult habits formed from vague memories from childhood.

Talking about the biggest favorite thing in life, to play games anytime and anywhere, I often change my phone whenever a new model is better. As people love iPhone changes because of updating the model, Android loves it because many miscellaneous things do not go away even the day. As for myself, those things are just thrown out. I only care about the new battery must be strong, the memory must be strong, and most importantly, the internet connection must be stable so that the owner will not die suddenly when online. Every time I change a new device on my mobile phone, I go to the Google Play Store to download the Chrono Trigger game to it. Just download it and let it not play. Maybe I didn’t dare to play because I was afraid I would immerse myself in the fantasy world of it.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ - Phần 5

Game and the journey to recover the childhood dream – Part 5 Having the honor of being at home to change a baby’s diaper, I was excited to open PSN to see if anything was interesting. Suddenly I saw a huge sale of a series of imported games.

Remembering SquareSoft’s Chrono game series – dear name before this monster annexed poor Enix, the whole package in two main games, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, was released SquareSoft most completely. Chrono Trigger launched gamers for the Super NES in 1995, rated as one of the best SquareEnix games in its operating history, with more than 2 million games sold in 1995. Perhaps participating in SquareSoft’s ambition at the time was to create a series of games sufficiently relevant to become a counterweight to their Final Fantasy series. If the concept of Final Fantasy’s human life mainly revolves around the crystal and fantasy world full of illusions and cheesy love stories, the Chrono series’s main idea is to prescribe the time and causal relations between worlds.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – Phần 6

SquareSoft’s ambition was so great that the company gave the green light to a dream team including the elite of Japanese gaming, such as Hironobu Sakaguchi, famous for the famous Final Fantasy series, Yuji Horii of the legendary game series. Dragon Quest and Akira Toriyama (if you don’t know who this comrade is, you have a miserable childhood) who is in charge of the character design. The music of the series was performed by Yasunori Mitsuda – the second excellent composer of SquareSoft. With the ambition to make a series of terrific earth games, “pre-ancient, post-false”, this dream team worked closely to produce the Chrono series’s first masterpiece, Chrono Trigger. At the hands of a master blacksmith, socks had no blunt sword, and the hotness of the NSXs mentioned above was not nominal. As soon as it was released, Chrono Trigger was well received by the public. In addition to the character design designed by master Akira Tokiyama, famous for the Dragon Ball series, Chrono Trigger has a story. It is incredibly complicated because the timelines are alternating but appear to be perfectly logical. To make it easy for you to imagine that the recently released Avengers: Endgame has caused many viewers to cry because the timeline can be arguably complicated, try Chrono Trigger. You will know what is small vu met vu.

Also, perhaps no one noticed the length of time in the game. The Chrono series may be the most extended timeline – somewhere more than 65 million years before dinosaurs knew. Just crank. Because of the ambition to create such a unique game series, the game development took place both long and in prison. Chrono Trigger has a total gestation time of more than three years to complete, Chrono Cross takes up to 4 years. After that, it was a horrible time to know that the standard procedure for releasing PS1 sequels somewhere just over two years was high.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – Phần 6

Character design with Toriyama character of Chrono Trigger

It is also because the story is too bulky and too complicated that since Chrono Cross was released, SquareSoft now SquareEnix has closed the Chrono project and has not known when it will be possible to restart. In 2007, Hiromichi Tanaka, vice president of SquareEnix, one of the core members of the Chrono Cross development team, dreamed the press day, said that the next version of the Chrono series could only. Realize with the condition that SquareEnix has enough money and power to bring together the Avenger team of the old game industry. In my opinion, in a category called bad luck when Hironobu Sakaguchi is now obsessed with the Final Fantasy series, Yuji Horii doesn’t care too much about the Chrono series even though he contributed a lot. Akira Toriyama seems to focus more on developing for Blue Dragon and the Dragon Quest series more.

In the past, when poverty was still a problem, money crushed a hero. SquareSoft could use cash and the right to force talented people to do projects according to their own will. It is old-time Diem, who is Hironobu Sakaguchi, who is Yuji Horii, and Akira Toriyama now only has him suppressing others, and someone desperate to want to force him, cover the blanket and sleep. It’s good to do that in your dream! It should be recalled that at the end of 2001, SquareSoft had registered a brand for a new game in North America called Chrono Break, but there was no move on developing this game and any issues. In terms of brand protection, the copyright for the Chrono series will expire in 2019. Eating is not delicious. Unfortunately, perhaps this brand’s fate is no different from the chicken tendon that Cao Cao once sipped on the long night of solitude in the Han Trung area.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – Phần 6

Akira Toriyama, Yuji Horii and Hironobu Sakaguchi (order from left to right, from top to bottom)

I haven’t experienced Chrono Trigger, but with Chrono Cross, I have played too many times. This is one of the few games rated by GameSpot 10, from design, music, story, to gameplay. I was able to play Chrono Cross in 2000, about two weeks after the game was released globally, Vietnam gamers could play it (Chrono Cross was released in Japan in 1999 and globally in 2000). Like the previous article I mentioned about the game name after returning to Vietnam, Vietnam Chrono Cross is called Time Pendulum. I think this name is derived from the plate cover of a clock and a pendulum. Indeed, the way to name things is fantastic. Because the game was released at the end of the PS1 system, Chrono Cross is the game with the most beautiful graphics at that stage. Chrono’s graphics are designed in 3D style combined with 2D. Anime style, so extremely cute and bright. But what impressed me most was the music in the game, to say that SquareEnix owned two musical geniuses at that time. Nobuo Uematus and Yasunori Matsuda (although in 2000, Yasunori Mitsuda had left SquareSoft but Still completing the soundtrack for Chrono Cross) have contributed to the great success of their game series.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – Phần 6

I remember that when I opened the game every few days, turned on the game’s intro to listen to Time’s Scar, I was sure that anyone who was my age at that time would play this game similar to me. The music of the game is made too impressive, melodious, skinned, majestic, and dreamy. Later, when I had access to the internet, I spent many nights searching for the full OST of this game, explaining to many people that in 2000-2005, there was no Youtube, Facebook, Google. It is only in the trial version. Almost in Vietnam, most popular still use Internet Explorer (or a few use Firefox or Opera), the information sharing is very scattered, even the storage. File on the internet is something very divine. In the past, anyone who had a 20MB host was wealthy, not to mention that using a 56KBs dial-up modem to download a 5MB music file sometimes took more than 2 hours – not to say. The download is broken and must be reloaded. At that time, the most popular chat was Yahoo Messenger, the search was also Yahoo, so it took a lot of money besides searching for an OST version of a game. Some games collect old 200 – 500MB hard drives to send to the post office or to a home of brothers and sisters to copy photos or movies. Everyone can enjoy Chrono Cross’s entire OST here!

As mentioned above, the Chrono series talks about time travel. In the Chrono Cross version, the developers came up with an exciting concept that is two parallel worlds against time. Two worlds are separated by ten years. The interesting point is that the two worlds can interact with each other by changing a few things in the past to change the future so that the player must contact keep moving back and forth between the two worlds, looking for teammates, items, information, and events. Primarily this is also the series with the most ending game ever known.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – Phần 6

After Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross continues to be a super product of SquareSoft.

With Chrono Trigger, the game has more than 13 primary endings and many branches at each end, while Chrono Cross has more than 11 endings and sub-branches. Mainly the endings are due to the player’s choice. And how many companions have been captured during play? I remember that I played Chrono Cross about six times back and forth, plus only my brother played, and playing the different endings too many times I couldn’t remember. Chrono Cross’s gameplay is quite different from the rest of SquareEnix’s game series, we do not need to kill monsters to plow hoes to level up, but the level will automatically level up during the game. However, to get some monsters, Summons, as well as finding rare items, require a relatively long-playing process, and fighting monsters is also extremely unparalleled.

In general, the Chrono series is one of the series that brings the most regret to gamers in the world. The main sadness here is that the game can still develop well because it has a detailed and informative story but paused indefinitely. I still wish that shortly, SquareEnix will revive this legendary series and renew it !!! Just hope.