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Music is an art discipline that uses sound to express and uses sound and musical instruments to work together to create the beauty of form, harmony and emotional expression.

In my gaming life, there are games that I’m addicted to music like Legend of Dragoon , Chrono Cross , Metal Gear Solid , … but there is one game that I am always obsessed with the opening song. maybe that’s the Suikoden 3 on PS2. Thinking about the PlayStation 2 (PS2), perhaps this is the place to conceive and train the most talented when a series of famous games and became legendary on this system such as Final Fantasy X, Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Kingdom Heart, Tenchu 3 … Almost on that day, PS2 was a spectacular makeover in terms of performance, CPU processing speed, … generally a hardware killer in the true sense. PS2 makes gamers from the dawn to the modern era. Say no exaggeration, but then even invested a large PC with a more powerful configuration PS2 still not sure how to display standard graphics as on PS2.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – P.7

In addition, the essential thing is that the emulators playing PS2 on the PC at that time were still not very standard, so in general, without PS2, there would be no good games to play. I used to be weasel’s soul when I heard rumors that an organization in the country of oil ordered more than 2,000 PS2 machines just to create a private intranet environment to exchange information. Sony Playstation is also making a bad deal because it is afraid that the organization will buy and exchange sensitive information. Speak out so that everyone can understand the power of the PS2 machine at the time of its debut.

PS2 is due to the financial well-being of the family, while Suikoden 3 came from a brother bought for his 20th birthday. In the past, in Vietnam, the forks had no concept of US or ASIA or EU, because most of them were cracked discs that were played on devices with mod chips. At that time, an original plate brought from abroad many times when the cost of combining it was up to more than a hundred dollars but… leaving the device in Vietnam could not be played, so most of the people in Vietnam used to play the cracked goods. come on. But at that time also distinguish the level of cracked crack, cracked discs in the past were also made very nice code, printed on the disc properly, sometimes even unable to distinguish between what is cracked disc and genuine disc. Depending on the sophistication of the disc and the new or old game, the price ranges from 30k – 120k.

The first time I put the Suikoden disc in, I was overwhelmed by the piece of music before entering its main screen. There was a time when I spent a few months looking for the lyrics, but I finally realized that it was just a chant sung by the band Himekami. By the way, if anyone does not know the title of the opening song, it is called Ai wo koete meaning timeless Love . And Himekami is a Japanese new-age group, founded in 1980 by composer Yoshiaki Hoshi with the name Himekami Sensation but has since been reduced to Himekami since 1984.

Back to the main point, Suikoden 3 is the third part of the paralysis of 5 parts produced and released by Konami. The name Suikoden translated into Vietnamese means Huyen Tuong Thuy Hu Truyen when producers borrowed ideas from one of the four great novels to create this series. That means that the content of any version of the gamer has the ability to win 107 companions (plus the main character, we will have 108 heroes Luong Son Bac). It can be said that this is the series with the largest number of companion characters in the history of the gaming world. You can refer to the story of the game HERE .

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – Phần 6

Game and the journey to recover your childhood dream – Part 6 Sometimes you do something quite meaningless or bring no real benefit, just because it’s a habit that is hard to give up or celebrate. vague childhood.

In particular, Suikoden 3, according to my subjective opinion, this is the best version of this series. I used to play Suikoden 2 before, so I’m not too looking forward to the graphics of the game. But Suikoden 3 may be the best visual part of the series. This is also the last game that the father of Part 1 and 2 is Yoshitaka Murayama made, maybe so after this third version, the Suikoden series dropped steeply in sales, making Konami decide End this legendary role-playing series in silence. Apart from the extremely meticulous image and sound, the content of Suikoden 3 is really quality.

The game offers 3 character lines and you can start with any character line you want, this is the only version in the game for you to choose 3 main characters, the rest you are the one Save the world from the beginning. And during the game, each event in the game will be explained, removing every knot you encounter in the game. This brings a sense of extreme curiosity and eagerness for the player to immerse you forever in the world of Suikoden. Not to mention the specialty of this series is the endless side quest system. The fact that you have to win all 108 companions is a big challenge, let alone learning more secrets. If Suikoden is remade, it will surely be in the most arduous game of trophy plowing on earth.

Cốt truyện Suikoden III, huyền thoại về người anh hùng Flame Champion

Suikoden is also one of the most loyal and loyal fans in the years, although the final version of the game, Suikoden Tierkreis, was released for the Nintendo DS in 2008, more than 10 years ago. I remember having a memory with Suikoden 3 was because I was so absorbed in gaming and locked myself in my room for almost 2 days, until the time I turned off the wheelchair and went to sleep, my family members did not know how the numbness was because the door was locked. , again think this guy probably smoked what this report to take me more than 1 week just to explain because of giddy game but forgot to drink, and wrong eating.

Time is ups and downs, but the games that we have been passionate about always live in the heart!