The campfire is something magical shimmer, but for a gamer like me, the game’s campfire is also a childhood memory.

Nowadays, children go to international schools a lot, and they often come into contact with the culture of scouting scouts, so the campfire must be no stranger. But twenty years ago, to me, campfires were something that could only be accessed through video games.

I used to be a pretty introverted person in the past, although my family also tried to create conditions for me to go out to school and attend summer school to get back into society, I confessed in the camp years. During the time of level 1 – 2 – 3, when I was most happy, it was not when I was with friends. It was when I was allowed to sit on the gaming machine and adventure in the fantasy world.

Cốt truyện Suikoden III, huyền thoại về người anh hùng Flame Champion

Game and the journey to recover childhood dreams – Part 7 Music is an art discipline that uses sounds to express and uses vocal sounds and musical instruments to combine to create the beauty of form: harmony and emotional expression.

The Playstation I got was in 10th grade, and it was more than 20 years ago. I officially started playing games at home, not having to wear pants at the game store anymore. Because of the experience of playing games at home, I have time to relax to ponder each game without feeling compelled and scrutinized while at the store. There is time, space, and people are often free to be superficial. I am the same, and I notice most in those games is a campfire.

Speaking of the campfire, it’s probably in the role-playing game. That’s the most common thing. Usually, at the bonfire, the main character and teammates can rest, recover, and chat in the sky after a tiring battle. At that time, the campfire was not merely for heating, cooking food, or chasing beasts. It also helped to unite comrades and teammates together in the style of “guns by guns, heads close to heads”. However, it has been a long time since I still remembered the Legend of Legaia 2 game on the PS2.

This game does not seem like I have finished it due to a fake disc (at that time, Vietnam did not have a good disc, don’t criticize the ethics for losing work), but I was still very impressed with each piece of the main character stopping legs and resting before the bonfire, soft music rang out. It was a time when everyone was relaxed, sharing secrets about their identity with each other.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – P.8

Several other classic series also have a screen around the campfire, such as Final Fantasy with a traditional tent screen for the main character to rejuvenate the team. Until the recently released FFXV, camping was an activity that took place quite often because it was here where you could level up your experience points, cook, and boost your team. The cooking part in FFXV will make the culinary lovers crazy by the fine dining by Ignis Scientia when camping.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – P.8

In particular, the campfire activity is pushed to the climax in the Dragon Age series. That is where you connect your teammates, increase interaction with your teammates, and listen to each other. More then, it would help if you asked Professor Gúc. I only provide images of an artistic nature.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – P.8

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – P.8

In addition to role-playing, many other game genres also impress campfires like STALKER, the game about the post-nuclear disaster in Chernobyl. After the reactor exploded, the area became a dead zone because it was difficult for ordinary residents to live. However, it is a haven for criminals. Those who find precious radioactive materials confess that playing this game at night is quite scary because you do not know when monsters or robbers can come out and treat you beautifully. Fortunately, there are many campsites for other teams. If your air is not bad (do not go to the wrong place of robbers or dangerous forces), the camps are relatively safe and where you exchange information with other NPCs.

However, if I talk about the impressive level, I’m still impressed with the campfire area in the Tomb Raider game reboot version. If anyone has played through this game, we will know in the first 30 minutes of the game. Our character Lara Croft was bruised when overcoming one danger after another, and the campfire area was The first highlight in the game when Lara experienced cold rain. The next morning she found the bow – the first weapon and followed her to the end of the journey. Whenever Lara returned to the campsite, I felt that it was the last shelter. No matter how much rain outside the storms, the campfire, Lara became calmer and more mature.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – P.8

There is one game that I haven’t played yet, but I feel like I can describe the tragedy of the campfire as the Souls series. I found out that the campsite is called Bonfire, which is the checkpoint in the game. I still don’t understand this series, but the fire in the game has its very own charm, very magical. Maybe I’ll try playing this game soon.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – P.8

How about you? Is there any impression of choosing a game camp? If so, please share your feelings with everyone!