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Playing games in the childhood was fearsome and terrible because of the lack of technology, not convenience and comfort like today.

I was born during the early 80s of the 20th century, up to now there are nearly 40 green ones. The time when I started going to school was also the time when the country entered the renewal period with positive changes. One of them is the phenomenon of people learning English, homes for children to learn English, the language that once shook the default is not for the masses.

The thick streamline book looked like he wanted to vomit

Talking about my English study, I was in the seventh year of my life, I was good at literature and the flute was good or every English crime I knew but I didn’t know it, I was like “I like apple”. Advanced head is buzzing with the cards. The luck of luck, the savior of my English subject, suddenly appeared one day. No white-haired beard, pioneering leader as perverted old fathers or luring young girls raising gobies to export. Nor is the princess skirt sloppy and then swinging the wand to bring some magical items but a short shelf life. My savior has a square shape, small and pretty in the palm of the hand, was played by three players at that time affectionately identified with the name “plate of maze”.

Game and the journey to find your childhood dream - P.9 1

A “labyrinthine” disc with a “buzzing card” sound could be appearing in your head

Those who have given birth before birth will probably flap their thighs when they think of the name floppy disk 1.4mb, right? At that time, the mazi plate was the device for office computer work but with a genuine game it was purely a tool to help install the favorite games. Remember somewhere around the year 96 or 97 of the 20th century, after a period of discussion with my papa, I was finally approved by papa to buy the 586. The configuration of the time was as follows:

  • CPU: Intel 586 (the price is probably equivalent to an i7 8700k now)
  • RAM: 2MB
  • Graphic card: 4MB
  • HDD: 600MB
  • Monitor: 14 inches CRT

This configuration in the past if the graphics card was 4MB then it was called the peak of the peak about 20 years ago, guys, so about the unmatched level of this set, there’s no need to argue. At that time, the PC was something completely new, to spread computer knowledge, I was given a half-year training course by papa sponsor to learn all basic martial arts from MS – DOS, Windows 311, Windows 95, then Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel 95. The reason for telling you the exhausting process of learning is to say that in the past when you were young, you wanted to play games but you had to be superior. nobility by knowing all the basic programs of Windows so that people can see, you know how to use Word to type text, compose papers for family work, not just sit on the computer and auto play Where is the game.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – P.9

The classic Windows 311 childhood interface

If anyone has followed this series of articles I will know that I have been learning English from a young age (and the family is very rich), but actually learning it all the time is not there, the turning point of learning English comes from a classic Point-and-click Adventure game ” The Curse of the Monkey Island “. In the old days, sharing games was quite difficult (unlike now just searching the internet for it). The game is shared mainly via a 1.4 MB floppy disk. That’s why, in the past, developing super compression programs was like making million-dollar start-up applications. I will calculate this for you to understand easily, a game like Monkey Island has a capacity of about 2 CD ROMs (Range 600 – 800 MB at that time), the talented crack game does not know what magic tricks to use, cut in all cut scenes it has a range of 300 – 400MB and somehow can be compressed and stuffed into a range of 7 – 10 floppy disks of 1.4 MB.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – P.9

The Curse of Monkey Island needs a lot of English capital and disk space

So that time when playing games often encountered two basic errors occur: One is that in 7 to 10 floppy disks when installed on the computer sometimes there will be a disc with a recording error, but if this stick, you must copy the the disc is broken. The other is to copy all, but the compressed file sometimes has an error, oh my god, something, when it is uncompressed, the file is not complete, this error must be compressed and copied completely. . At that time, there was no concept of a USB drive or a portable hard drive, a floppy disk drive or a CD was the only option for file sharing, but it was so tight that a single CD was too expensive and finished copying without deleting. or write anything else, while CDs can be re-written many times (super expensive), not to mention investing in a CD player is also a problem quite difficult for many people. .

Initially when I approached the game “The Curse of the Monkey Island” in the same way as above, copy the game to the computer, install it, it would also work, play but had a lot of errors and was basically impossible to understand. What is this game because the cut scene videos were cut off, not to mention the voice and audio were cut too. However, the image of this game is super cute when it uses 2D animation images. That’s why I decided to buy 2 CDs of this game. After a period of accumulating money, I finally bought the game at the legendary game store disc Computer and experienced the full quality of the game. But until now the difficulty really appeared because of the dense amount of text. If you are a fan of puzzle adventure games, you will understand how huge the information of a game it is and almost every item you find in the game has its role. must to play. But the specialty of the Monkey Island series is that the words and dialog in the game are often rhyming, satirical and sometimes used idioms that only native people know.

Game và hành trình tìm lại giấc mơ thuở ấu thơ – P.9

The original CD of the game The Curse of Monkey Island

I think maybe the Monkey Island series is one of the first series to come up with the concept of text-based combat, you’re still fighting, but the damage is based on your choice of lines, which literally means fighting. . In “The Curse of the Monkey Island” there is a naval section that forces you to fight, the level up is that you have a number of mouthfights to be able to bounce back the opponent that these sentences are many I don’t understand when I read it. You can watch the clip under push to understand its level of brain hacking.

At that time, the exchange of information of the game was really very limited, apart from a few intranet communities such as Vietnam Intelligence, there were almost no gaming forums (forums like VENO or Games for Viet appeared 1-2 years after the internet officially came to Vietnam in late 97 and early 98). The search for instructions of the game as I mentioned in a few previous articles is very limited, 1 month in Saigon, you will find to buy 1 collection of instructions and cheat codes at Vietnam News Agency No. 116 – 118 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Q3. The price of this book is quite harsh but sometimes there are no instructions for the game I want to play. That’s why every 1 book that is synthesized by gamers at that time was like a treasure and it took a lot to lend your photos, not everyone could borrow it.

Back to playing games, this time of gaming is a time when I focus heavily on learning foreign languages. Think about playing a game like a war, you can mess around to complete, but if so, do not understand your options why it is right. So in order to understand and play the game completely, I had to look up every word, so that I would have to have a dictionary nearby. This inadvertently makes the parents of the look less harsh. The first is that the image is also bright and cute, the second is to see his son all day plugging in a computer and looking up a dictionary, only if not complementing the width and width, let him play There is no ban.

Game and the journey to find your childhood dream - P.9 2

For me, playing games in the old days is the true Multiplayer Although today’s technology is modern, we can easily connect with millions of gamers around the world in the Multiplayer section, but I still have a feeling of emptiness and lonely.

And so after 2 months of practicing the game, my English is much better, at least I learned more than 1,000 new English words, this is one of the foundation for me to choose a language career later. in university. After this game, I fell in love with the puzzle adventure series and was always looking to play. I got the chance to play the Broken Sword and also plowed through all of its versions, followed by Indiana Jones, Dark Earth and a number of other adventure games. Thanks to that good English, later when I played RPGs, I felt it was as normal as a carton of milk.

What are your impressions of your childhood, please share with me.