Not only silly, many of the behaviors and features in the game have gone beyond the wild category of fun and made people feel disrespectful.

There are gamers who do not like to watch the cut scene too long

Cut scenes in the past are a great salvation for players to imagine what their characters look like when the 3D graphics platform is just a primitive polygon blocks. At that time, the cutscenes were very much expected because this was the time when the characters became the best. Times change, more and more beautiful graphics have directly made the game with the movie footage more and more no difference. Once filled with the visuals, some gamers will tend to fast-forward the footage because they do not have the need to watch but need to experience more. The customer is a god, NSXs are also pleased to have the ability to fast-forward those stages if people don’t like it.

Tính năng game và những hành vi ngớ ngẩn mà một trò chơi có thể làm ra – P.Cuối

Others were more stubborn and immediately received countless complaints and immediately had to fix that. Namco Bandai released a patch to allow Jump Force players to surf through cutscenes talking between characters. At first, many people were excited to see what Natsu, Naruto, Luffy and Yusuke would say to each other, but honestly it was both long and boring and lack of creativity so it was best to skip it. Kingdom Heart also makes changes after being reflected, but people still have to hear the saying by reciting “There’s no way you’re taking Kairi’s heart!” at least once before you are allowed to fast forward that depressing cut scene.

Forced to play again if you want to find the ending is locked

This was once mentioned at the beginning of the article but at least then we have things to collect to unlock the perfect ending, that is, if there is a tutorial or a little luck, one can Complete in just one game. The problem this time is more serious when it has nothing to do with qi or dignity. People are very clear and frank with each other when they claim to want to unlock the last ending, then play it again. Some people will not find it annoying because it is a favorite game after all but others will feel very dissatisfied with it. In the West, the term for this replay is “Fake Longevity”, which is basically a despicable measure to extend the life of some game.

Tính năng game và những hành vi ngớ ngẩn mà một trò chơi có thể làm ra – P.Cuối

Life is too harsh, now not only the game, but also the good games must play this game too. The most recent can be mentioned Nier: Automata, the game of controlling a beautiful “girl” to cut and cut by PlatinumGames. Reality Nier: Automata has very good quality, the main character is very sexy and tight guillotine is also quite comfortable. But NSXs still force players to go back and forth several times, handling situations in different ways and choosing multiple paths to complete the task. Simply put, people have to play again and again to unlock all the ends that NSX hides. 2B is pretty but pretty, but watching her in a few games is okay, not watching too much will sometimes be real.

Do not play racing but still have to handle silk

Batman: Arkham is fine, but certainly not those that require driving with a Batmobile. After playing that game, compliment or criticize, it depends on the life of each person, but if you ask what makes them the most crazy, the high-speed pursuit in Gotham with the Bat Car must be the priority choice of both. both sides. It’s sad to see one of the things that made the Dark Knight’s brand besides Batarang so hated, all because NSX has created an extremely unreasonable driving mechanism for A non-racing game. Obviously Batmobile is an important feature, but not everyone loves or has played through Need for Speed to be able to control the car smoothly in high speed crime chases.

Tính năng game và những hành vi ngớ ngẩn mà một trò chơi có thể làm ra – P.Cuối

A case of shooting games but going crazy about the car that can be used as a prime example is the Mafia series. The game will largely require people to wander around major US cities like New York, Chicago, San Fransisco (Empire Bay in Mafia 2) or New Orlean filled with jazz and the Southern American Southern culture of the Mafia. III. In a game where robbery, gang payment, playing hide and seek with the police on the highway, shooting and killing each other like Mafia meals, it is difficult to sympathize with the extremely annoying vehicle control. Even the part of Race Car Level in the first version was criticized by the producer of the second part of the forum for its unrealistic fiction.

And probably no need to repeat the meme: “Follow The Damn Train, CJ!” – You know what game I mean?

Ethical choices are not easy, even in games

This damn moral selection must not have been any more appropriate than Far Cry 3 (though there are still quite a few nominees). Now let’s see, we spent dozens of hours groping in the dark forest, trying to destroy the base of the pirate-cum-smuggling pirates headed by a bald, nerve-headed father. Daring the old life to find a way to save friends in despair, then when entering the ending scene, the psychopaths or drink the potions of the goddess of life Citra on the romantic island force the player to choose brilliantly between A Take your friends home safely or B. Kill them all in cold blood. What to do now, feel so bewildered when someone wrote the script for people to choose such a horrible way?

Tính năng game và những hành vi ngớ ngẩn mà một trò chơi có thể làm ra – P.Cuối

By the way, Batman: Akham City also has a similar choice when forcing Catwoman to choose between letting Bats be buried under the rubble and hugging all of their wealth during the nefarious mission to escape Gotham. Fortunately, this choice does not affect the main story, but it makes people feel extremely angry when having to choose in such a situation. There is a beautiful saying, “Never put yourself in the moral category to judge others”. So when the game forces the gamer to choose between morality and immorality, it is like being standing on high and looking down and judging us.