Games, video games or whatever name you want to identify as an extremely entertaining genre when people love it for its mystery.

While video game developers are saying how to make the game more and more like the real world, the opposite fact is that many people like to play the game just because of its absurd and unrealistic. It is easy to compromise when the president is traveling and then becomes a courtier in the prince’s crown of a magical kingdom (Ni No Kuni 2?). Nor is anyone wondering about the stamina and the amazing resistance of any female characters. Basically, at first glance, it looks like Chi Pu, but fighting is more buffalo than John Cena. Actually the rules in the game are very silly, sometimes a little bullshit, but the great thing is that people just laugh “game” and no one is free to analyze why it is so unrealistic.

With the absurd things in the game, people easily pass through the door, but it’s strange that the game makes the characters do things similar to real life, people feel it is not realistic. This is a problem gamers can encounter in a lot of games, including those with a 10/10 rating. Some are done quite well, making people feel a little tedious, but others are a big deal. As big as it is, it almost makes the player feel stupid to be forced to follow this arrangement. Let’s take a look at the silly things a game can bring us!

Represents justice but still has to do homework

Video games can take gamers away from the real world, while simulating the wonders one could never imagine. Not everyone who plays games is lazy to learn, but the natural nature of children is inherently more playful than learning (genius does not count in this case) so unless playing a pure educational game like Examination Maths. No one likes to turn on the game, but has to do homework in a virtual world. Sadly, the NSXs at Atlus do not think there is any conflict between homework and gaming, so the tragic days of Persona gamers are here.

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In Persona 5, the game requires gamers to spend a certain amount of time on learning besides investigating and exploring dungeons. For P5’s NSXs, good study is the duty of all young citizens, even if they are the representatives of justice, there is no reason not to do homework. Even the game’s main storyline will not progress during the days when the protagonist has to take a test. But anyway, P5 is at least good because school memories are also good, Bully also makes players go to school but waiting for them is the dark side of the school with the tricks of the bully. friends.

The main character or superhero still has to clean the house

Well, this cleaning, cleaning the toilet is done well by some games like Animal Crossing. It does not make the player feel forced to do but enjoy the work they are doing, voluntarily (at least that’s what they think). In other words house cleaning is not always bad, it is especially suitable when you play the game The SIMS, Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley … But come back if you are playing a pure open world action game like Red Dead Redemption 2 is truly a disaster.

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In fact, no one wants to play a wild Western cowboy game just to clear hay or clean the stable. By the way, the game’s NSX seem to like cleanliness so when Arthur Morgan is always forced to take a bath if the level of filthy exceeds the allowed level. It’s tragic that you’re in a chase and losing an enemy just because this damn game feels like it’s time for the cowboy to shower. A dirty cowboy is a cowboy, and a cowboy doesn’t have a ditch to clean around the farm while being hunted by the federal government. Many people think this is a way for NSX to increase the playing time of the game, but perhaps it makes people feel tired rather than interesting.

Nothing can be done except swimming or getting wet

Sea water, river water, spring water, even water in a deep enough pool has been the enemy of many generations of protagonists in video games. In nature, water is a vital element, but in the game, many times, water is an annoying enemy that no one wants to encounter. From the stages of swimming in Super Mario to the water temple of Ocarina of Time, water becomes an exciting challenge. However, some game makers believe that that alone is not enough to prove the true power of the country. They will do everything to keep players away from this liquid as if avoiding evil.

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What is the most effective measure? Bingo, giving a character nothing you can not do but absolutely will drown if falling into the water is the correct answer. Water is very dangerous, especially the waters in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is so obsessive that the player had to create mods only in order to allow the characters not to drown or be more sick, to be able to cast a high-flying scare like the “ Heavenly Celestial Sheep ” in the Condor Heroes. . Your hands are not the only ones who are afraid of water, super assassins like Altair in Assassin’s Creed or the Batman hero of the Arkham series are also afraid of water like fear of tigers. It’s a myth that a plumber guy swims better than the Shadow Riders.

Every hack / cheat is expressed through minigames

You are a gunman in Warframe, you are detected by the enemy and the only way to turn off the alarm is to hack into the host’s server system then disable it with a minigame. Minigames are okay, but it’s not like the crackling code people see on hackers movies. This minigame is just spinning, assembling a few lines for it to fit together and DONE, you have successfully hacked one of the most advanced security systems in the world. Honestly speaking, even the people who are most sympathetic to the game find this stupid. I’d rather throw away the minigame, legitimize the hack with the push of a button or some other dark technology, which is much easier to accept.

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The connection of some strange circuit boards in the game Marvel’s Spider-man is also an indecent act when starting to penetrate the artificial intelligence system. This world has a very high civilization, typically the Oscorp group built tiny nano-level robots to control living things. Develop bionic suits that can be controlled dynamically by connecting to the human brain from the spinal nerves. In summary, billions of new things seem to be thought of as black science, but aides Peter Paker and Dr. Otto Octavius can break the server system of the Oscorp Group just by reassembling the circuit. Who is laughing at!