No need to seek death without ever dying. This saying may not apply to today’s games because NSX has so many ridiculous and absurd demands that one must make.

The stealth action game is only useful when it happens at the right place at the right time.

Don’t get me wrong, stealth action is very appealing, and most people play Stealth Action not because the result of the stealth process is already a vast enjoyment. However, when a game that is not in the sneaky action genre tries to “import” more of this element for rich gameplay, it is an entirely different story. Shooting and killing suddenly, the game requires you to go softly, whisper, smile charm? Oke, there is nothing wrong with making a little change. Things only get annoying when you are spotted by enemies and game over. The feeling right now is, hey, I’m playing a top-notch action game, I can blow up enemies with my weapons, and now I’m over the game just because the kids are spotted. What kind of joke?

Tính năng game và những hành vi ngớ ngẩn mà một trò chơi có thể làm ra – P.2

That’s how the Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 NSXs destroy players’ emotions. It was clear from the beginning that this was going to be a crazy hack-and-slash game, and it remained so until people suddenly stepped into a scene that needed Stealth Action and died just by accidentally stepping on a leaf. The game was hated more when it witnessed too much criticism. The project director also loudly cursed at the type of guy who criticized my game. The blind one was stupid. Ignore the verbal abuse by that director. The things people complain about LoS2 are entirely right. Even games like Marvel’s Spider-Man make people feel silly to control Mary Jane or Miles Morales on stealth missions. Dull, tired, and finding yourself so stupid is the feeling of being forced to play in a sneaky style in a pure action game.

Must plow hoes dozens of more hours to see the common secret

Gathering trophies is something that has been encoded into the DNA of video games right from the early days by mischievous programmers, can be considered a pastime in entertainment. For example, the stars in Super Mario 64, collecting them, are impressive, but it is also an essential condition that helps rescue the princess Bitch Peach. The same result applies to the Gym Badge in Pokémon because they are like a certificate to help the protagonist on their way to peace. It can be said that when the achievement collection is perfectly integrated into the development of the main story, the positive effect will increase exponentially. Still, if the problem is turned over, the consequences will be quite serious if one does not follow the instructions. Typically, collecting to unlock the true ending sometimes makes people feel like a reward but more like a burden.

Tính năng game và những hành vi ngớ ngẩn mà một trò chơi có thể làm ra – P.2

Many people play games for fun and want to take a break after finishing them. It is not fair to sit for hours and do all sorts of things to get the best ending, hidden by the NSXs. Not everyone likes to finish everything in fullness. For some gamers, they were coming home once is refreshing enough. They don’t think they will plow again and again to unlock a perfect ending. Sonic the Hedgehog NSXs did not think so, and they decided that only those who collected enough Chaos Emeralds would be eligible to watch the right end. Batman: Arkham Knight has the same problem with Riddler’s puzzles and hundreds of other items to collect. The game was only fun when people volunteered when the compulsion began to appear; sorry, the fun was over.

Go, go, go forever but can’t get out of the designated area.

There is no personal enmity with Red Dead Redemption 2, but I don’t understand why the examples of the crazy game’s reverse appear so much in this game. RDRII is an intriguing open-world role-playing game where you can do everything you like because you’re an outdated genuine golden deer. Ride across the far west and reach the target according to the way you want it. Sneaking in or making it noisy with the Remington is each person’s own choice. However, there is a hard-and-fast rule forbidden to run when entering camps or residential areas. Because the game wanted it, one would have to trudge slowly whenever he entered this area, which was strange.

Tính năng game và những hành vi ngớ ngẩn mà một trò chơi có thể làm ra – P.2

The same story will be repeated in Pokémon when the protagonist is frequently asked by “competent” NPCs to “go somewhere” in certain areas with a double-legged vehicle. Bicycles and speed shoes are not allowed in this case. Indeed these constraints are meant to be something or merely the bad ideas of the NSX crowd. It is impossible to know the true meaning of that story, but say a lot when talking about the game’s plot, suddenly forced to walk slowly and politely as a gentleman also lacks the game prime is very lost interest.

The motion sensor is cool, but not sure enough.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has interesting puzzles in exciting temples. Some are completely normal based on the logic or the magic skill set of the pointed earlobes. Others are entirely irregular and require players to master the Joy-Con control technique to have the most accurate movements to solve the puzzle. Because there is no logic to rely on motion sensors, some requests become problematic if one is not used to moving or swinging the colorful Nintendo Switch controller on a fund. The exact lead that the game requires.

Tính năng game và những hành vi ngớ ngẩn mà một trò chơi có thể làm ra – P.2

When this motion sensor is done well, we have exciting puzzle scenes where the player can combine the lever switch and swing the controller like in Heavy Rain. But it can also be the worst nightmare when you distort how to move precisely according to the game’s requirements. This bloody case appears many times in the horror game Until Dawn when it requires us to keep quiet, not move the handle. Somehow, the first attempts to play failed, such as sitting upright with the screen, tired hands when holding for too long, even the handle’s vibration function is the culprit that makes gamers no fewer Times have to reload the game or lose character permanently. There is nothing numb and foolish than having to struggle with an overly sensitive motion sensor system.