There are NSX that need to hear the name. People know the game they made will be tough to break 100% like Paradox.

In the game and real life, the crusade was never completed.

The second part of Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings series is very appealing to players, thanks to the voluminous tactical scale and rich content with more than 20 DLC. However, this is not a game for impatient players and limited English proficiency. The most straightforward reason for a gamer not to touch CK is that the epic game of Paradox has no specific goals. As long as the gamer assures his kingdom has an heir, it will not be destroyed. But just a little negligence, for example, the emperor suddenly abandoned himself for some silly reason such as seasonal flu or falling horse when hunting but did not have time to breed, the game will be overturned immediately. In some ways, CK is interesting to allow people to do whatever they want because this is the 16th century, but on the other hand, it is too free, which means there is too much to accomplish.

Game để giải trí? Mấy trò chơi này sẽ chứng tỏ cả dân chuyên nghiệp cũng không thể hoàn thành 100% – P.2

It is a nightmare for gamers who have fun collecting achievements or playing for every game expansion. Take a look at the list of Crusader Kings DLCs above, and you will understand why this trophy game is given away for free, right? Nobody forbids it if one fine day you want to finish Crusader Kings II with a record of 100% plowing everything, but before you go into that crazy idea, look at Steam to see that only 12% of players Complete all high school achievements. Why so? Because these common achievements are quite strange when sometimes they only require marriage with another lord like The Marriage Game, but sometimes make bitter requests like building a kingdom from the beginning. (769 solar calendars) until the game ended in 1453, heard that only 0.7 players could plow evil achievements.

Game để giải trí? Mấy trò chơi này sẽ chứng tỏ cả dân chuyên nghiệp cũng không thể hoàn thành 100% – P.1

Game for entertainment? These games will prove that even professional people cannot complete 100% – P.1 Game is entertainment? Yes, but there are some games if you want to achieve 100% unless you are a professional, otherwise do not expect.

Some other harsh conditions to complete Crusader Kings II 100% can make players discouraged as there are three kings as kings, and all three must be assassinated (the game allows to play a princess ). They are helping the anti-God forces strong enough to hold the Satanist Church or send an army of elephants to conquer the Pope. If you still feel that the above achievements aren’t freaky enough, scroll down a bit more to see the perverted NSX’s when asking the player to choose to eat a Bön follower to unlock the Bön Appétit achievement! Statistics from the game’s wiki show that only 0.1% of gamers dare to complete this challenge because it is too scary in terms of meaning. Crusader Kings II can be seen as a great game. To complete it, 100% is also tricky because many challenges are not for impatient people or an iron heart.

When Roguelike combines a dance beat, it creates something difficult.

Ryan Clark, the leader and lead programmer of Crypt of the Necrodancer, once thought that a roguelike- style game was challenging. Bringing it together with the click of a button to the music’s rhythm will make the game even more possible of completion. It was unknown if he was bitten by someone or someone haunted, so he decided to do something like that, and his name was recorded in the previous sentence. This is one of the most bizarre and mythical roguelike games in the world when every manipulation of the character from moving to exploring the dungeon, fighting monsters, or entering a tough boss battle is done based on the operation. Pressing the button precisely to the song’s rhythm is like an adance beat music game in a mall, so only the correct press will the character move or act otherwise. Because based on the dance beat to work, when pressing the rhythm will cause the character to be stopped in turn, and then tons of damage from monsters will fall on the player.

At the beginning of the game, there is only one character to choose from, and gamers can unlock more after completing certain conditions. But what Ryan Clark and his colleagues puzzled us is that the most challenging nature to open is the weakest. To unlock Coda, the person must complete All Chars Mode, and this damn game mode will even make a game as complicated as the horror of Crypt of the Necrodancer even harder. But after all, what the player receives is a waste of genius when having extra health and weird skills that makes everything around her twice as fast. The AU dance veterans probably know the songs with 350 beat to beat the standard without missing it is hard. Over here, we have to keep the character’s tempo to perform the game’s boss fight. Know how to make each other always tricky.

Clark himself, the creator of the game, had a pretty good record but confessed he could never go home with the character Coda (so what did he create it, Dad?). To prove his inability to conquer this achievement, Clark also named it Impossible, Right? Despite its name, it is not possible, but Steam’s statistics show that there are also 0.2 gamers completing this challenge. By 2016, a gamer nicknamed SpootyBcakes has successfully speeded this game with the character Coda. Perhaps feeling that playing is not enough pressure, this player continues to make people gasp in surprise when repeating that achievement, but he did not bother to pick up any item in the second game. When watching that clip, Ryan Clark frankly admitted that the game he made was 100% surpassed and was very excited about it.