Is the game for entertainment? Yes, but there are some games if you want to complete 100% unless you are a professional, otherwise do not expect.

When completing a game, 90% of them will think, oh, so another game has been cleared. It’s not wrong to think that, but think carefully that you own 100% of everything in that game yet? No need to think deeply. Just look at the leaderboard (Trophy with PS4 and Achievement with Xbox One) to try. If you only completed the 40% range after taking down the final boss, you still have not entirely mastered the challenge. Have you solved all puzzles, hunted down all collectibles, and dominated all the challenges that come with it? After all, some games will have extra parts that are even worse than the final boss, and if you want to play for entertainment purposes, no one ventures to touch this tricky part.

Despite that, some games are still so challenging that even professional people will cry because there’s no way they can get it 100% complete. Very few people can overcome the games below’ challenges, and if you are one of them, I am not sure whether you are still human or not.

Billie Eilish also doesn’t plow SingStar.

A pure karaoke game is a great entertainment game even when the player possesses a melodious voice like a pig called a flock. But the devilish Sony game SingStar does not think so. They believe that if anyone dares to buy this game, the voice must be at the same level as Whitney Houston and above. As a result of these misleading thoughts, the percentage of players who can complete 100% of the game is admirable. Only 0.66%! You’re not mistaken; that is the statistics from the PSNProfiles page. When the game was launched a few years, and even the games often complained about by the gamers are hard vc, challenging to take off pants, challenging to challenge society like the Souls series, Bloodborne or Sekiro Died Many. Even the pot still had 100% more people completing the game of singing full of weaponry.

Game để giải trí? Mấy trò chơi này sẽ chứng tỏ cả dân chuyên nghiệp cũng không thể hoàn thành 100% – P.1

Several games have a low completion rate because it’s simply too boring to play. Still, SingStar is in another category when music enthusiasts in Europe and America are addicted to the game (just like you guys). Vietnam likes to sing karaoke for him in the neighborhood). So its number of players is certainly not low, and how low with 12 million copies sold, it certainly has more fans than I’m the Mayor. The game’s 100% completion rate is too little directly related to the difficulty, the mischief, and crap requirements that NSX has put into its challenges. For example, the BFF trophy requires singing with friends 300 times. The Musical Marathon requires 400 times to sing, which is a myth even for an amateur singer.

Some trophies require relatively high vocal techniques that a ward-level vocalist certainly can’t do, like humming a chorus for 300s (?!) Or showing a perfect pitch for 10,000 s (equivalent to 3 hours). Those are nasty things that a gamer who wants to open the game for entertainment will never follow, swear. And other heavenly titles require the day to perform, like humming a love song on Valentine’s Day or singing A Christmas Carol on the day the fat red-shirt older man sent out souvenirs out of date. Up to now, after 13 years of release, the number of people completing the game 100% has doubled to 1.17%.

Devil Daggers and 500 seconds fateful life

For many Super Hexagon gamers, this is a persistent haunting game because of the awful difficulty that requires players to have speedy and accurate reflexes to avoid game over. Likewise is the Devil Daggers. In the game, you do not have to do much except shoot down all the crowds of monsters as ants on the game screen and try to survive for as long as possible. The Devil Daggers is a crazy fast-paced shooter that only Mr. Tu in the Ba Long Dragon Art Gallery can catch up to. The plot and gameplay of the game are quite simple. You are (or are?) Thrown into a haunted arena and face endless legions of hell. Armed with weapons and an optional skill system, the protagonist’s mission is to fight to survive for as long as possible.

Game để giải trí? Mấy trò chơi này sẽ chứng tỏ cả dân chuyên nghiệp cũng không thể hoàn thành 100% – P.1

This whole game has only one trophy: how to survive for the 500s in the context of monsters as crowded as the Yuan army, and this crowd knows how to splash bullets like rain around. Among us, the 500s are just a period of not long nor short. Some people ate a whole loaf of bread at that time, but others only saw about half a page of the book in the same amount of time. But whether you like to read books or eat cake, on Devil Daggers, everyone has to recognize 500s to get a trophy in this game is like an eternity. What makes this game more difficult is that, like the old 8-bit games, the player had only one network and would die immediately if hit by bullets or hit by those demons.

For a long time, no one was able to overcome the fate of the 500s. All of them collapsed when passing 400s a few more odd numbers, but eventually, someone passed, and up to this point, DraQu was the only one who got it. 100% achievement from Devil Daggers. A game made and only 0.01% of players can complete, it’s admirable.