No need to invest terrible PC gamers can still experience Warzone and “kill chickens” too comfortable with the console’s full mouse button.

After only 24 hours of gamers’ official launch, the Warzone survival mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 immediately became a global craze and broke the record for the number of players with terrible numbers (6 million players). In addition to good optimization, graphics that are superior to PUBG, and learning and promoting the most successful essences of Fornite and Apex Legends, Warzone is predicted to be the silver arrow that ends the survival games. It is impossible to transform, even though this survival mode is still in the testing phase.

Game thủ console vô tư quẩy Call of Duty: Warzone với chế độ “thắng cực dễ”

However, along with the cross-platform expansion of the multi-platform game mode, the Warzone survival mode also revealed many console games’ holes. And if not cleverly handled, these small holes can still tear at any time, even seriously affecting game balance. More significantly, several Vietnamese gamers are quite intelligent and take advantage of this vulnerability right at some PlayStation 4 service providers.

Connect Keyboard and Mouse to survive on the console

In the introduction to the Warzone mode, there was an imbalance on the console when gamers used the mouse and keyboard peripheral connection, and to verify this, I asked Mr. LTH, the store owner. Wakanda Playstation supports verification. The results were not so surprising when the survival matches proved easier than this setup.

Game thủ console vô tư quẩy Call of Duty: Warzone với chế độ “thắng cực dễ”

did a little experiment

With the Playstation 4, console gamers have been supported with the “Aim Assist” mechanism to aim and balance better than the mouse button action of PC gamers. However, although the mechanism has been minimized even now, it only works when aiming at close range, which is more than enough to increase the chances of winning the game. Console players use the mouse and key.

The most obvious is that in the duel in Gulag prison to win the right to return to the Warzone battlefield, 80% chance of winning will come to the gunmen using peripheral devices + “Aim Assist”.

Is using a peripheral device on the Console reasonable?

Take advantage of the “Aim Assist” mechanism, which does not violate nor affect the multi-platform connection matches in Call of Duty. But if gamers are more observant and turn off the “Cross-Play” mode in the options section to eliminate the PC’s formidable fighters, this is an entirely different story.

Call of Duty Warzone – Choáng ngợp trước chiến trường rộng lớn chất lượng cao

Call of Duty Warzone – Overwhelmed by the vast battlefield of high quality For gamers who first come to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019, the free Battle Royale game mode called Warzone is an easy challenge.

Increasing the winning rate using a combination of many peripherals makes gamers question the balance of Call of Duty. Not only with the Warzone mode in Modern Warfare 2019, but Activision’s younger brother Call of Duty Mobile also encountered the same situation when games on mobile systems that prioritize touch-screen manipulation, which some hardware developers favor. First developed a series of technology toys that help turn Gaming Phone into a PC to help gamers quickly “chicken” like the kits of ROG Phone, Black Shark …

This not only creates a bad precedent for adding “top 1” win rates to “conditioned” gamers with supportive toys but also creates more opportunities for hackers to take advantage and bring the “Bypass” software aimed at bypassing the developer.


Perhaps it is past when gamers gained the advantage by paying a lot of money into plowing role-playing games like Vo Lam Truyen Ky, Lineage 2. With shooters, especially when you have to survive on the platform Console, Mobile, … then the balance is an essential factor.

Game thủ console vô tư quẩy Call of Duty: Warzone với chế độ “thắng cực dễ”

And there has been a new flow of opinion that this advantage is entirely valid because nothing can interfere with the game code. This victory is considered a gear advantage, and it is widely accepted that a gamer with the right keyboard will have an advantage over a gamer. However, with Aim Assist mode with mouse keys like this, this can be considered a “hack Aim” legally provided by Activision itself.

It is still too early to talk about the balance when Warzone has just launched the test, but whether this can be considered as a warning bell for the full support technology toys will gradually replace the skills training and reflexes of shooting game or not?