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The Assassin’s Creed-like storyline always makes gamers feel sore and of course the timeline of that kind of plot cannot be simple.

Before the release of the Odyssey, the Assassin’s Creed timeline was usually introduced from 75,383 BC (1923 Isu calendar) and officially started in the 12th century when the Altair Ibn-La’Ahad began. The journey to become the new leader of the Assassins Association. However, over time when Origins and especially Odyssey was born, the timeline in the Assassin’s Creed series has changed dramatically and we need a little more revision to understand the plot. From the first civilized races on earth to the modern context where Desmond Miles and Layla Hassan connected to their ancestors through Abstergo Group’s machines.

Games with the longest timeline: Assassin's Creed 1

Will the appearance of Assassin’s Creed 2020 continue the myth? A lot of rumors about Assassin’s Creed 2020 have been released but the authenticity is still not high, let’s take a look at the most likely rumors!

The beginning and end of the first Civilization

The story began more than 75 thousand years ago BC. At that time, the rulers of the Earth were an extremely advanced race called Isu, also known as the First Civilization. After a period of great development, they decided that this civilization needed a large workforce to achieve greater achievements. That is the premise for this species to create humanity and use it as a slave to work, with powerful creatures called Pieces of Eden. Thanks to the neuron control technology embedded in the human brain, the Isu race uses humanity as slaves, at their discretion and manipulation. Until they started mating with their slaves to conserve genetic resources, this created crosses that began to resist the mind control that included Adam and Eva. Very quickly, the humans led by Adam and Eve began to stand up to their masters to gain freedom.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Assassin's Creed

But just 10 years after the uprising began, a massive solar burst completely destroyed the first civilization, wiping it off the surface of the Earth. After the Great Disaster, some Isu individuals and human beings still exist, making peace with each other and seeking ways to rebuild the world. Because the number of Isu is too small compared to humans, this will surely result in a strong growth of the people while the Isu race will fade over time. Knowing about their extinction, the Isu created interactive messages to warn those individuals who carried Isu’s blood later. At the same time, build a series of temples (Temple) around the world, store information and warnings to the next generation, and a means to communicate with their victims.

Shortly after, the Isu were completely extinct, leaving Pieces of Eden and Temple scattered everywhere in the world. However, the heritage of Isu still lasts thousands of years later through legends, history and culture, becoming the basis of many different ideals and religions that endure over time. At the same time, among humans, although there are still a lot of people carrying the DNA of Isu, there are occasional outstanding individuals with outstanding DNA, possessing the rare senses that have the same ability. Use Pieces of Eden with virtually no obstacles. In addition, every few generations, the incarnations of Aita, or Sages, have established a cult of Isu worship, with the mission of freeing Juno from the Gray Pole at the Grand Temple and dominating. world.

Templar & Assassin along feud for thousands of years

According to history, Adam and Eva can be considered as the first two people to bring the creed of the Assassins’ Association because of the desire of freedom from the enslavement of the Isu race. The dogma of freedom is maintained by their descendants, which explains why there are always those who launch various assassinations against rulers like Xerxes I, Alexander the Great, Ptolemy, Qin Thuy Hoang, Attila … throughout history. According to the plot of the latest Assassin’s Creed, Assassin Brotherhood was founded by Bayek, a Medjay hometown in Siwa and his wife Aya called Single. Church. Thereafter, the Assassination Society continued to grow and reached its peak in the 13th century, the period of the 3rd Crusade, when the Levantine Assassin Society left the creed to act quietly to become a nest. public sale organization.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Assassin's Creed

Based in the Masyaf fortress, the Levantine Assassin became a horrific obsession with the Templars when regularly conducting public assassinations against the Crusaders. This prosperity did not last long because only some time later, the Mongols invaded many areas of Asia, including the holy land of the Assassins. Masyaf Fortress was attacked, leading to the members of the Levantine Assassin Association scattered everywhere, becoming a global organization. However, they have retreated into secrecy, lived in seclusion, performed tasks of a quieter and more discreet nature. The Assassination Society spread everywhere in the world, becoming various discrete branches across the country and the continent, and achieved remarkable glorious milestones in Renaissance Italy, Colonial America, American Revolution, French Revolution, British Victorian Industry, …

In modern times, the Assassins Association is assembled into a unified organization, led by an individual called the Mentor, mainly divided into small underground groups working everywhere, few carry out assassinations and use of violence that often focuses on overthrowing government and tyranny regimes. Bring back the ideology of liberation and equality for the people, uphold the free will and equality, protect and develop new ideas, get rid of the constraints to have a new perspective. Of course these things are always opposed to a ideological unity, of a stable world order by controlling the will in the way of the Order of the Society. In addition, the Assassin Association also seeks to collect Pieces of Eden and hide it, avoiding these dangerous creatures in the hands of organizations and individuals plotting to take advantage of the rights. the power of artifacts to endanger and rule the people, typically the Abstergo Group founded by the Templar Order of Templars.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Assassin's Creed

Speaking of Templars or the Order of the Knights Templar, Temples of the Templars, the Poor Friends of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, the Templars and many other names. This is a group that originated from the religious order of high-ranking officers in the army and gradually became a secret council closely connected with the government or any faction holding the leadership role. The origins of the Order of the Templars are still considered a mystery, however, it is believed that the nature of the Templars has been in existence since time immemorial, at least since mankind declared freedom from slavery. from the First Civilization. Sometime after the Great Disaster in 75000 BC, Cain – sons Adam and Eve, killed Abel his brother to seize the Paradise of the Apple, who was considered the first person to commit a crime in history. Because of this crime, Cain was given the image of a red cross, which later became the symbol of the Order of the Temples, and created a group of Cain’s Children.

Some of the earliest known forerunners of the Temple Society were the Ancient Society founded in the 18th dynasty of Egypt, or the Kosmos Society in the 6th century BC in ancient Greece, but there are still very little record of these mysterious organizations in history. It was not until 1129 that the existence of the Order of the Society became known in history, when its military organization was recognized by the Holy See, in the role of protecting European pilgrims, and participating in Crusade to protect Jerusalem. And over time, the Order of the Templar Order grew, holding a lot of money and power. In fact, the Templars also pursued the beliefs no different from the Assassins’ Association but due to ideological and ideological conflicts, this gang soon became an archenemy and often competed. each other, lasting thousands of years from the time history began to be written up until now.


In summary, the first encounter between Templar and Assassin can be counted from the first century BC when the organization founded by Aya and Bayek clashed with the Ancient Society, one of Templar’s predecessor organizations. From that point on, the history of the Assassin’s Creed series will be about two thousand years, but if it is from the origins of these two organizations, it must start from 75,383 BC when Isu residents still dominate the earth. So it is possible to temporarily calculate the entire timeline of this series has a history of more than 77,000 years, but that number is only temporary because in the unknown future Ubisoft will adjust this timeline to fit the story of  New version or not.