Chrono Trigger has an interactive timeline with players that spans over 65 million years!

If other games have an extensive timeline but are mostly indirect factors that create the context and set the stage for events or resentment in the game, Chrono Trigger is different. This game takes time as the core of the story, so it provides players with a flow of time to interact directly for more than 65 million years.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Chrono Trigger

The game’s story begins with three friends Crono, Lucca, and Marle, with the original lifetime in 1000 AD (AD = AD). In an experiment on a space-moving machine, Marle’s heirloom pendant accidentally impacts the device and creates a space gap. The group from there can teleport time and begin the journey. However, this is not a story but an introduction to the timeline, telling the timeline instead of the plot.

65,000,000 BC (BC = BC): This is the furthest time that Crono’s team traveled. Here humans are in the pristine period and struggle to survive with a highly evolved reptile. The human race is losing because of its weaker position in technology and development.

The Crono group met Ayla, the leader of the human tribe, and received the Dream Stone, which they needed to repair the Masamune sword at a different time. Also, here, a strange meteor fell to hit the reptile’s camp. The destructive power of the explosion destroyed the reptile species living on the farm. This is also the only place this species lives concentrated, leading to the extinction of reptiles.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Chrono Trigger

Ayla, the leader of the human tribe

That giant meteorite turned out to be an alien monster that Ayla called Lavos and was also the main villain in the game. It came to earth to gather the DNA of all living things on earth to increase its power. Once strong enough, it will destroy all species and breed the next generation to spread into space.

3,000,000 BC: Earth falls into an ice age; a small fragment separates from Lavos and rises to the ground. This is a piece of ice with a magical fire attribute called Frozen Flame. It helps a group of ancient people find it able to create fire and learn how to use magic. The group then grew dramatically and built a mighty empire hovering in the middle called Zeal. Meanwhile, the remaining humans continue to live below the surface.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Chrono Trigger

The Frozen Flame fragment appeared in 3,000,000 BC

12,000 BC: Zeal Empire thrives, discovering the existence of Lavos. Queen Zeal aspires to use a machine called Mammon to drain Lavos’s power and achieve immortality. This plan was further accelerated when a mysterious prophet suddenly appeared and told the queen many effective ways to make the plan more effective. However, when he used Frozen Flame to activate Mammon, Lavos did not drain his power but instead woke up. It immediately wiped out the Zeal Kingdom, the queen’s two children Prince Janus and Princess Schala, also disappeared. The three sages of Belthasar, Gaspar, and Melchior were also shot at different times in the timeline.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Chrono Trigger

Zeal’s three sages were pushed to different times.

The Zeal Empire perishes, Princess Schala is the one who wears the necklace with the time control gem used to control Mammon is said to disappear unknown fate as the only remaining person besides Lavos while everyone is “kicked” elsewhere or destroyed. All that remains is the chain and the frozen flame falling to the ground, lost in the world. The human race below the ground continues to grow slowly about the future.

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AD: After many years of development, the human race has reached a level of extreme civilization. The human kingdom is Guardian founded and is in a prosperous era. A timing chain is found and passed down from generation to generation in the royal family. The frozen flame is also found.

590 AD: Prince Janus falls around this time. He is adopted and taught magic by leading a magic-user group called Ozzie. Janus changed his name to Magus. Intending to take revenge on Lavos, Magus became a mighty sorcerer and always yearned to be healthier. Along with his magic group rage reign, he became a powerful force and created war with humanity. In one battle, Magus killed knight Cyrus and turned his friend Glenn knight into a frog (Frog). Frog escaped carrying Cyrus’s Masamune broken in two and vowed to avenge you.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Chrono Trigger

Frog, originally a Glenn knight, was turned into a frog by Magus.

After much effort and believing that she could take revenge, Magus plan to summon Lavos by traveling back to 12,000 BC with a prophet’s cover. Frog meets with Crono and asks them to find a way to fix the broken Masamune because this is the only weapon that can counter Magus’s magic.

600 AD: Marle suffers from a pendant malfunction and falls from 1000 AD to this era. She is instantly mistaken as Queen Leene (her ancestor) of the Guardian Kingdom being kidnapped for ransom. Crono and Lucca return to meet Marle, but the time effect (the queen is not saved, so Marle is not born) causes Marle to disappear. The party must find and rescue the true queen to return the correct timeline and bring Marle back.

1000 ad: At the Millennium Fair, Lucca’s father and inventor decided to test the teleporter, and Marle volunteered to try it. The accident happened when the pendant changed the use of the machine, throwing her to 600 AD. Crono and Lucca created similar holes to follow and rescue Marle.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Chrono Trigger

Marle fell into a time gap in 1000 AD.

After they bring Marle back, Marle’s identity as Princess Nadia is also revealed, and Crono is convicted of kidnapping the imprisoned princess. Lucca destroys the prison to save Crono. When the two run away to meet Marle, the three-run into the forest when they encounter a time-gap that temporarily escapes the soldiers’ chase and brings them back to 2300 AD.

1999 AD: Lavos awakens and destroys all human civilization

2300 AD: Crono group falls off the hunt of soldiers and realizes the future’s desolate landscape. They ransacked the memory of computers and witnessed Lavos destroy humanity in 1999 AD in a piece of data. Lucca successfully repaired a robot and named it Robo. With the help of new members, they find a way to create a time gate to go home. However, due to a power failure, the group falls into an infinite time zone (End of Time).

Uncertain time: This is a place drifting in mid-space – also known as the infinity year. The Crono group meets Gaspar, the sage Zeal being pushed into this space. He meets another person, Spekkio, trapped here, and the two stay together until Crono’s group arrives.

Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Chrono Trigger

The infinite space where the sage Gaspar falls into

Through Spekkio, the Crono team was able to explain a lot about the past milestones. The two hidden sages also instructed the Crono group to take steps to destroy Lavos and save the world by going back to previous timelines and changing the past and finding new powers to bring to an end. The same is to fight and destroy Lavos.

If we exclude an indefinite timeline that doesn’t specify which year it is or whether it is adrift in the middle of the flow of time, we have a Chrono Trigger’s timeline of 65 million + 2300. year. Especially as Chrono Trigger allows us to directly come and fight in the timetable from this ancient metal.

It can be said that Chrono Trigger is the game with the longest accurate determined timeline in the gaming world.