Diablo’s timeline spans countless millennia, from the ancient Anu god to the present-day divisions of angels, demons, and Sanctuary.

French calendar

In the world of Diablo, the calendar used is called “Anno Kehjistani.” This calendar was compiled during the peak of the Order of Zakarum’s power – or Church of Light, the “Church of Light,” the main religion of the Sanctuary residents. This calendar was created by an entire army of scholars and has a rather complex formula: 13 months a year, but the number of days in the month is not fixed, can last from 4 to 28 days, and each month. have different effects on different spells, such as on the 15th night of Kathon, destructive and sacrificial magic are much more effective.

Early childhood and the great war

At this time, nothing existed except for the pearl (Pearl) containing the ancient god Anu. When Anu thinks of himself and seeks perfection, he banishes evil from himself, and they gather into the first Prime Evil: Tathamet. Anu and Tathamet fight inside the gem for millennia until they both fall and lay the foundations for everything. The place they fell was the center of the real world and was called Pandemonium.

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Anu’s spine forms the Crystal Arch and High Heavens, while Tathamet’s corpse creates Burning Hells. They become the birthplace of angels and demons, while Anu’s eyes become Worldstone, the power to birth new worlds. Angels and demons fighting incessantly in an endless war called the Great Conflict to claim ownership of Worldstone makes this stone continually changing owners. The archangel Tyrael ordered the Pandemonium fortress’s construction to house the stone, but the fort itself changed hands several times.

After several warring epochs, an angel named Inarius wanted to leave the war. He meets Lilith, a devout in the same direction. They steal Worldstone and create their world – Sanctuary. Because Worldstone no longer belongs to angels or angels, the war is also paused because the two sides no longer have goals.

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The image of Lilith in Diablo 4.

Nephalem and the human race are born.

After founding Santuary, Inarius and Lilith combine to create descendants – the nephalems. Many other angels and demons who followed them did the same, and these early nephalems were often called Ancient, ancestors of the present humans. However, angels and demons are afraid of the power of nephalems and seek to destroy them, causing Lilith to go berserk. She destroyed all the angels and demons that followed her, except Inarius. Lilith’s madness frightened Inarius, but he could not kill his wife and so chose to push her into nothingness (Void). Later, Inarius used the power of Worldstone to weaken the nephalem in the next generations. This was humanity’s birth, but they did not know anything about their ancestors until much later.

Before the dharma calendar appeared

As you know, at the beginning of the article, the Anno Kehjistani calendar is compiled by humans, so all of these events are not exact dates. It was not after millennia that people began to breed throughout the Sanctuary world, creating many different civilizations. According to the Anno Kehjistani calendar, the Zakarum religious year was made as year 0, the previous years were marked minus and countdown, and the following years were positive numbers.

According to scholars’ antiquities, around -2,300 was the time when language, art, and science became an important part of human culture. Scholars also agree that this is the beginning of Kehjan, the first civilization of humankind. Kehjan residents took about 100 years before formally “formulating” magic, which would lead to magician schools’ prosperity. Another 100 years passed, and Kehjan’s mages were so powerful that they ruled the kingdom next to the emperor.

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The Prime Evil: Baal, Diablo, Melphisto.

However, due to being too powerful, Kehjan’s wizards began to taste the untouchables. Their mages try to summon demons and complete this magic branch, making the Prime Evil of Burning Hells aware of Sanctuary’s existence. They founded the Temple of the Triune in -1880 to spread their influence, while Inarius founded the Cathedral of Light 60 years later.

War recurs

After millennia, the war between heaven and hell began in 1809, but this time took place on Sanctuary between the followers of the Cathedral Light and Temple of Triune. No one wins this war when Lilith returns from nowhere, manipulating a farmer named Uldyssian and unleashing his nephalem powers as a tool against both angels and demons. Although the Uldyssian succeeded in destroying both factions, Lilith was once again driven into nothingness. Her actions made High Heavens aware of the existence of Sanctuary and the human race. The angels think that human existence is a mistake and decide to correct that.

A new war called Sin War broke out between three factions: heaven, hell, and the Edyrem – people born normal, but Uldyssian awakened the power of nephalem. In this war, the Uldyssian became more potent than any angel or devil. Still, he discovered that he was losing his humanity and decided to sacrifice himself to drive the remaining two forces out of the Sanctuary. He succeeds, but the Uldyssian explosion of power strikes the power of the Edyrem and returns the Worldstone to the state manipulated by Inarius.

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Sin War.

In the angels’ vote in the Council of Angiris to choose Santuary and humanity’s treatment, Tyrael made a vote deciding whether humans and Santuary would be left alone. The Council also agreed to make peace with Mephisto to give Santuary the right to determine what force to follow. Still, the price to pay was Inarius being given to Mephisto for eternal punishment.

The Magic Age

By 9999, most of the population of Kehjan had left religion because it was the cause of the war, and the kingdom changed its name to Kehjistan. They turn to magicians for guidance, and this begins the Age of Magic. The magicians still remember the war that decided that no one was allowed to summon demons to the Sanctuary world and that humans should stay away from both angels and demons.

It was not until 1,500 years later, in -265, that the magicians of Kehjistan realized that Vizjerei – one of the three largest magician schools that had existed since the beginning of the Magic Age – was still learning how to summon demons. The commotion then broke out into a bloody war across the territory of Kehjistan in -210, and 7 years of war destroyed the power of the once-powerful schools of magicians.

Era of Faith

Disappointed by magicians, many laws banning magic were passed, and residents of Kehjistan turned to religious belief. A series of new religions were created about 200 years later, including the Order of Zakarum. The time when this religion appeared was counted as the 0 years of the current mainstream calendar. However, the Order of Zakarum will not thrive for about 1,000 years later when the prophet Akarat mysteriously disappears after his mission to many of the major cities of Kehjistan.

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A corner of Kehjistan.

Nine hundred sixty years after the Order of Zakarum appeared, a major upheaval took place in hell when the Lesser Evil rebelled. The three Prime Evil – Baal, Diablo, Mephisto – were banished to Santuary. This will be the source of the disasters that Sanctuary and you have to face in future Diablo games. In 1004, Tyrael summoned many human heroes to form the Horadrim and gave them the Soulstone to search and seal the Prime Evil. Their efforts were somewhat successful when Mephisto and Baal were respectively sealed in 1009 and 1010, although Horadrim’s leader Tal Rasha sacrificed himself to seal Baal in a damaged Soulstone. Diablo hid better but was captured and sealed by a group of Horadric monks led by Jered Cain in 1019 under a Horadric monastery built in Khanduras.

After more than a millennium of contemplation, the Order of Zakarum began to rise when the temple of Travincal was built, with the support of several poor people in Kehjistan. The temple’s construction lasted for two years, from 1017 to 1018. The sect continued to thrive upon its successful mission to Tassara, the emperor Kehjistan at the time, but Tassara himself also benefited from following. Order of Zakarum brought the necessary support to the king when his reputation was declining.

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The expeditionary army of Rakkis.

However, the Order of Zakarum began to take part in the government by replacing the officials with its cardinals, forcing Tassara to push most of Zakarum’s forces into Rakkis – the childhood friend and zealous fan of Zakarum – on an expedition to the west in 1045. By 1060, Rakkis established a new kingdom called Westmarch on the lands he conquered and became its first emperor. During the conquest, Rakkis found remains of the ancient city of Corvus of the nephalem and learned about the ancestors of humanity. The knowledge Rakkis found in Corvus urged him to march north to a desolate wasteland later known as “Dreadlands.”

Meanwhile, the Horadrim became gradually forgotten because their mission was completed, the Horadric monastery at Tristram was abandoned in 1080.

The corrupt Zakarum sect

By 1150, the first Emperor Zebulon started restructuring Zakarum to separate the sect from politics. This movement was supported by the common people but encountered resistance from the Zakarum cardinals in the High Council and became null and void in 1225 when the emperor Karamat ascended the throne as the puppet of Zakarum. This gave the Zakarum monks great power, and they used this power to crush other sects brutally.

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King Leoric.

In 1258, Archbishop Lazarus urged sending Leoric to rule the land of Khanduras, and Leoric proclaimed himself king. The old monastery of Horadric abandoned nearly 180 years ago, is reused as a chapel of Zakarum. There, Lazarus unleashes Diablo and causes Leoric to lose his mind when taking his body away. Diablo officially escaped Horadric’s confinement after only 239 years. Later, Lazarus captured Prince Albrecht as the new host for Diablo and turned the cathedral’s deepest levels into hell. This made Leoric completely mad, forcing Leoric’s army commander Lachdanan to kill him.

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You probably recognize the familiarity of events during this period – that’s the beginning of Diablo 1. From this point on, the events in Diablo continually occur in order of Diablo 1 (1258), Diablo 2 (1264), Lord of Destruction (1265), Diablo 3 (1285). The short 20-year peaceful period between Lord of Destruction and Diablo 3 is when the Demon Hunter Society was founded and will also be the timeline of Diablo Immortal (1270) when it launches in the future.