With a background that spans the millennia, BioWare’s Dragon Age is a long-running series full of remarkable events.

In Dragon Age, the Thedas continent’s inhabitants’ time frame was divided into each Age. Each century lasts about 100 years, and nine years have passed in the history of the world. When Chantry was set, the time was the beginning of the first period known as the Divine Age, and the period before Chantry was founded was counted as the Ancient.

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Thedas Continent.

The New Era’s naming is done in the 99th year of the Old Era: Chantry’s head Divine will look for important events or omens to name the New Era. The last warning that a Divine sees is the awakening of a dragon and the devastation it causes, so the current Era – the time when gamers enter the game’s world – is named Dragon Age, an era of destruction and chaos.

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Ancient times

Like the way we mark the years’ BC in real life, the years in ancient times of the Dragon Age were counted down and kept with negative numbers: the year before Chantry was founded was called the year -1, The previous year was -2, and so on. However, the Chantry calendar does not use the number 0, and all dates are from the first year.

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A statue of Andraste.

Although collectively referred to as Ancient times, this was a very long time and witnessed many different upheavals. The Elvhenan Empire of the Elves that once ruled the Thedas continent collapsed. The first humans arrived in Thedas. The first dwarf cities were created, the first Blight pandemic, the invasion of barbarian gangs, the technique of making Golems, and the prophet Andraste’s death during this period. However, many of the events that occurred during this period were circulated today by word of mouth. Not a single text exists, and so are often myths, and details about them are not reliable.

Divine – The Holy Spirit

Following the death of the prophet Andraste, her disciples re-drafted the Chant of Light prayers. They founded Chantry, an orthodox religion, with the help of what would later become the emperor of Orlais – Kordillus Drakon the First. Drakon appointed Justinia as the first Divine, and this title became the name of the First Century after Ancient times.

This era saw the explosion of the second Blight disaster in the 5th year of the Divine (referred to as 1: 5) on the Thedas continent led by Archdemon Zazikel. Although it was a tragedy for humans, this event also enabled Kordillus Drakon to show his grand strategy by expanding Drakon’s territory and increasing Chantry’s influence.

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Second Life Hao.

By 1:20, the Circle of Magi was established so that magicians could fight against the mob of monsters from Blight under the supervision of Chantry and the Templar Order. Grateful to Drakon’s help, the Gray Warden turned their faith to Chantry and worshiped Andraste, making this religion even more influential. Meanwhile, the elves in Dalish turned their heads away from the Blight disaster and made the conflict between humans and Elves deeper.

After 90 years of war, Zazikel was destroyed at 1:95 Divine, ending Blight and the races living in Thedas began to rebuild their civilization.

Glory – Glory

Named after human emotions after the defeat of Zazikel, the Yellow Emperor witnessed an explosion of culture, trade, and religion in Thedas. Still, at the same time, the conflict between humans and the Elves broke out into war in 2: 5. The Elves’ Dales kingdom was crushed under the military power of the Orlais kingdom despite its early victories, and its territory was annexed to the Orlais empire during the prolonged “Exalted March.” from 2:10 to 2:20. The surviving Elves are forced to live in refugee camps or become homeless.

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A statue commemorating the elves in the Emerald Graves.

By 2:99, after two centuries of construction, the Great Basilica of Val Royeaux – the capital of Orlais was completed. It has two towering towers that pilgrims can see from many miles away. Therefore, the next era was named Ky Thap Cao.

Towers – Ky Thap Cao

Shortly after the Great Val Royeaux Cathedral’s completion, the demons attacked Thedas in the 3rd Blight in 3:10 under the leadership of Archdemon Toth. However, the Gray Warden stopped Toth and his demons and later destroyed them by the Orlais – Tevinter alliance in 3:25 at Hunter Fell.

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This era is named after the two towers of the Cathedral Val Valeaux.

Regrettably, even though they had once killed the evil, the alliance between the two countries did not last forever. By 3:87, even the Chantry sect was schizophrenic when the Chantry members at Tevinter decided to secede to form the Imperial Chantry and recruit their own Divine (called the “Black Divine” the orthodox Chantry) at the Minrathous. In 3:99, Tevinter’s Divine announced that the day the orthodox Divine would die was Tevinter’s festival. Therefore, Chantry orthodox decided to call for revenge and call the new era the Black Age.

Black – Dark Age

In this era, Orlais’ official Chantry faction held four new jihadations from 4:40 to 5:10 to destroy the Imperial Chantry but failed. All they can do was deepen the hatred between the two denominations when the Imperial Chantry began to devise its policies. At the same time, the joining of magicians increased the power of the Imperial Chantry.

In 4:46, the book Litany of Adralla was written by the magician Adralla to teach how to fight blood mages and demons. Also, the Orlais invasion of Alamarri – the birthplace of the prophet Andraste – took place between 4:80 and 4:84, again failing because of fierce resistance from indigenous tribesmen.

By 4:99, Chantry’s Divine Justinia II officially named the new era Exalted Age because the war between the two sects was still ongoing.

Exalted – Holy War War

The 4th holy war that Chantry officially organized to destroy the Imperial Chantry took place in 5:10 but was abandoned because the New Life led by Archdemon Andoral broke out in 5:12. The Gray Warden were still the leaders on the front line, but now they no longer received help from Orlais and Tevinter because of their conflicts. The Gray Warden even found support from the remaining kingdoms of Thedas and successfully defeated Andoral in 5:24, although the cost of the lives of many people, including Garahel, the human leader in this war.Những tựa game có dòng thời gian dài nhất: Dragon Age

The Griffon is the loyal companion of the Gray Warden.

After this fourth lifetime, the demons suffered so much damage that many people believed they would never return. On the Gray Warden’s side, they also lost so many Griffon beasts that the species ultimately became extinct 200 years later. Meanwhile, in the south, the disjointed Alamarri tribes were first united at Calenhad Theirin, and the kingdom of Ferelden was founded in 5:42.

In 5:99, Antiva’s Madrigal was assassinated on a hunt. Madrigal’s image being stabbed to death appeared in the dream of the orthodox Chantry’s Divine Theodosia I, and hence the new era was named Steel Age.

Steel Age – Golden Age

In this era, dragons were hunted to near extinction by the method invented by the Pentaghast family of Nevarra, making the family members known throughout Thedas as legendary dragon hunters.

The Qunari race also left its mark in this era when they appeared in the Par Vollen Islands and conquered it at 6:30 while the rest of the Thedas was unaware. It was not until 6:32 that the Qunari ships began to appear in mass on the shores of Seheron and Rivain, and Theda’s people knew of this new threat, but it was too late. The war called the Qunari War began and will last for more than 150 years. The Qunari conquered most of Tevinter, Rivain, Antiva, and even Miranthous – Thedas’ largest city was surrounded even though it had not been defeated.

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Qunari people.

In the south of Thedas, lord Balak gathered the forces of the Avvar tribe and attacked Ferelden in 6:50, causing much damage before being pushed back in 6:52. However, Balak and his army’s brutality created one of the most terrible famines in Ferelden’s history, making the relationship between Ferelden and the barbaric tribes worse over the following centuries.

After more than 50 years of being pushed back on all fronts, people began to reorganize their ranks and win their first victories against the Qunari army, leading to the Tevinter rebels liberating their country year 6:85. By 6:99, Divine Hortensia III predicted that violence would sweep Thedas across and name the new era Storm Storm.

Storm Age – Age of Storms

The battle between Qunari and the people in Thedas was transformed into a struggle in 7:23 because the Qunari people had a foothold in Seheron and Rivain, forcing both the orthodox Chantry and Imperial Chantry to call for “jihadists”. The new Exalted March. During the 60 years from 7:25 to 7:85, there were three Exalted March taking place, and the Qunari race was pushed back to the port city of Kont-arr in the north of Rivain. By this time, the leaders of the kingdoms on the Thedas continent thought that rebuilding their country after more than 150 years of war was more important than destroying Qunari, so a meeting was held between the parties in 7:84, and peace was restored.

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Location of Kont-arr on Rivain map.

By 7:99, the new era was decided to be called the Blessed Age because the war with Qunari was over, and Emperor Orlais Etienne I had a pair of twin sons.

Blessed – Hong An Ky

Despite its right name, this era is full of war and death. Kirkwall rebelled the Orlais invasion of Ferelden, the resistance of the Ferelden under the leadership of the exiled emperor Brandel. And his daughter Moira Theirin, the recurring war between Qunari and Tevinter, the battle for hills in Perendale between Nevarra and Orlais, Nevarra’s Free Marches conquest is notable events.

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Dragons reappeared at the end of Ky Phuoc Lanh.

While the mainstream Chantry Divine Faustine II planned to name the new age as the Sun Age after the sun symbol of the Orlais empire, dragons suddenly appeared in many places and destroyed some towns and villages. Therefore, the new era’s name was changed to Dragon Age – again foretold that this would be a bloody and chaotic era.

Dragon – Ky Long Dang

After dozens of years of fighting, the Ferelden resistance forces finally defeated the Orlais and regained their independence in 9: 2 under the leadership of Prince Maric. He became the new emperor of Ferelden. By 9:13, the Bownammar fortress fell before a Darkspawn army, signaling H’s return after a lifetime after a 400-year absence on the Thedas continent. From here, the events in the Dragon Age game series officially begin, and gamers will be the one who decides the fate of many people across the Thedas continent through three games Dragon Age: Origin, Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Kirkwall City.

Thus, according to Chantry’s calendar, the Dragon Age world’s history has more than 900 years. Still, its context extends far into the past, the time left very little on the document and sometimes stumbled upon denial of Chantry due to opposing beliefs. If the Dragon Age’s entire history, it will start from the creation period with the creator Maker created Fade, and the Old Gods then came to the human world and the first creatures. It can be considered that the Dragon Age world has an unspecified timeline extending from creation to the latest events occurring in Dragon Age: Inquisition.