It’s been 21 years, but every time you listen to the tune of If You Still Believe, people will recall the Legend of Dragoon game.

Legend of life on the Endiness

According to ancient legends, when the world began to form, the god Soa – the Creator, planted a seed on the sacred land of Endiness. The basis quickly grew into a giant tree called the Divine Tree, the tree expanded to 108 fruits, and each of these fruits would later become a species on the Endiness land.

Gigantoc giants are the 97th tallest, aggressive, and ferocious dragons born from the left 105. The two races with the most resentment are humankind and Wingly, respectively, who are sacred. 106th and 107th. After fully grown, these fruits will fall off the Divine Tree and land in different areas of the Endiness. The 108th fruit, the only one in the universe known as the God of Destruction, is still in the development stage.

Cốt truyện Legend of Dragoon, khám phá những bí ẩn tại đại lục Endiness

Gigantos race can be huge.

Among the newly born species, Wingly seems to be too favored by the gods when possessing both intellect and magic. In addition to the innate ability to fly, it can be said that this is an elite and worthy race worthy of being the lord of Endiness in the early stages. Infused with the power bestowed by the gods, the Wingly race did not hesitate to suppress, genocide, and trap other species as slaves.

For thousands of years, despite having an intelligence not inferior to Wingly, humanity still has to be a slave to serve Wingly and contribute to constructing the five big cities. Including Deningrad – The Birth City; Aglis – The Magical City; Zenebatos – The Law City; Mayfil – The Death City; and Kadessa – The Royal Wingly Capital.

Cốt truyện Legend of Dragoon, bi kịch về tình yêu suốt 11.000 năm

The story of Legend of Dragoon, the tragedy of love more than 11,000 years Not as famous as FF or as popular in the domestic market as Suikoden, but Legend of Dragoon is always the best role-playing game.

Cities are not located on the mainland of the Endiness continent but are floating in the air and are guarded by heavy military fortresses like Flanvel. Despite contributing to these miraculous cities’ creation with humanity’s strength and wisdom, society still has to live off of the Wingly clan’s pity, now led by Melbu Frahma.

According to historical records, Melbu is a powerful magician who always keeps a strange gem with him. There are many rumors that the nearly infinite source of magic power and knowledge far beyond the era that Melbu Frahma holds is closely related to the jewel he has.

The first Dragon Campaign battle

One day, after having suffered enough oppression and exploitation from the Wingly race, humanity began to stand up to protest. Under the Diaz clan’s leadership, the war for human rights took place and later became known as the Dragon Campaign.

Cốt truyện Legend of Dragoon, bi kịch về tình yêu suốt 11.000 năm

Dragon Campaign battle

Initially, the war took place with tragic casualties of the human army. Still, after humans successfully researched dragons’ power by letting the strongest warriors absorb the Dragon Spirit, the human army began to have counter-strength with the seven super warriors they called the Dragon Knight – The Dragoon.

The Wingly tribe began to feel uneasy, especially the Dragoon’s ability to use magic and fly, two things that seemed like a unique favor that the gods gave to Wingly. After the Dragoon attacked the five great towns, the Wingly race quickly launched the trump card, the army of cloned Virages monsters. Despite the Virage army’s terrifying power, Wingly lost one battle after another, and the Dragoon eventually attacked Kadessa.

Cốt truyện Legend of Dragoon, khám phá những bí ẩn tại đại lục Endiness

Monster cloned Virage

In the final battle, the Dragon Riders leader, the Red-Eye Dragoon, had a terrific fight with Melbu Frahma and successfully killed his body at the expense of the two being turned together. Hundreds of thousands of lives were lost during the Dragon Campaign, including the human race, Wingly, and the Dragoon group.

After the original owner died, the Dragon Spirit fell asleep for over 10,000 years and then awakened, received the new owner, and began writing a new epic about the group of seven Dragon Knights in the timeline. Main space of the game Legend of Dragoon.

Sad story about a love lasting 11,000 years

As such, the timeline of Legend of Dragoon can be summarized as follows, 11,000 years before the main plot, dragon knight leader Zieg defeated Melbu Frahma. The great magician of the Wingly clan in Dragon Campain First, he was also possessed by him when he used black magic, causing them to temporarily petrify and transfer Melbu Frahma’s soul to Zieg’s body.

Afterward, Zieg – now controlled by the soul of Melbu Frahma, recovers and tries to find the Moon Child to revive Virage Embryo. As a teammate and lover of Zieg, Rose quickly realized this conspiracy, so she always sought to sabotage by chasing the children who are likely to be borrowed by Virage Embryo.

Since then, the Black Monster story, the cruel, murderous monster, has always been fixed every 108 years for killing and arson everywhere for 11,000 years. By the time Shana was born, Rose didn’t identify who was chosen by Virage Embryo because this time, it was a twin.

The twin brother (not the Moon Child) was killed by Rose on a ship, which later turned into a Phantom Ship, while Shana (Moon Child) was fortunate to be sent to Seles to live the whole of her childhood with Dart. As for Rose, thinking that the job was done, he left the country for 18 years until he met Dart and started the game’s main storyline. In short, the timeline of Legend of Dragoon lasted at least 11,000 years, and the previous period cannot be counted.