Let’s take a look at events in the galaxy for billions of years before Mass Effect events.

As an epic about the adventures of a small group of people and their friends in the universe, BioWare’s Mass Effect series has successfully created a vast universe with a history spanning billions of years. And numerous essential and notable events during that time. Although they only serve as a backdrop for Captain Shepard’s adventure, knowing these events will give gamers a more engaging experience when enjoying the game. Even if you have finished the game, looking back on these events is a good thing because it can help you better understand your game. So in this article, let’s take a look at what has happened in the Mass Effect galaxy!


This is the first and perhaps the most extended period in the Mass Effect universe’s history, but the events happening here are almost entirely forgotten. Only a few pieces of pine are reproduced. News, ruins, or predictions of today’s races, ended about 1 billion years before the present time (called Before Common Era – BCE). The era when the Leviathan race dominated the vast universe. This is a top-notch race that pervades the galaxy and takes on the responsibility to protect the race weaker than itself in return for worship and tribute.

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Image of Leviathan on a cliff.

In their long lives, the Leviathan realized that the races they were protecting created auxiliary races with inorganic matter. Still, the way they treated those additional races was often leading to bloody riots. Therefore, Leviathan created a Wisdom to search for ways to preserve the races under him forever. To this end, Tri Khon created an army under his command to collect genetic information samples of organic organisms throughout the galaxy.

However, the first “specimen” that Tri Khon collected was its creator – the Leviathan. It uses its army to slay the Leviathan and uses its genes to create the first Reaper named Harbinger in the form of Leviathan. From here, Tri Khon uses the Reapers to periodically “collect” genetic samples of creatures across the galaxy, part of the experiments it performed to accomplish the task that the Leviathan had previously planned.

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Tri Khon (aka Catalyst) took the image of a boy Shepard had met.

To serve its goals, Tri Khon built the Mass Relay network to help the organic races grow and expand faster, shortening the time it has to wait between harvests.

Pre-Prothean times

This era began around 1,000,000,000 BCE with one of the Reaper, the Leviathan of Dis, being annihilated by the surviving Leviathan, and its corpse resting on the undisturbed Jartar planet for nearly a billion years. . Later, the people who discovered the body thought Leviathan of Dis was just a spacecraft.

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Traces of bullets on Klendragon’s surface (BioWare uses Mars for this planet).

This is not the only Reaper knocked down by its prey – 963 million years later, some unknown race shoots an acceleration bullet at a Reaper near the planet Mnemosyne, causing it to “die” and leave. The body revolves around the earth while shooting down it drags across the world Klendragon creating a giant valley on the planet’s surface.

Not much else is known about this era, except for some traces that the intellectually but extinct races leave on some planets that Shepard will later cross as Epho, Gaelon, Eingana…

Pre-Council time

Sixty-eight thousand years BCE, the Prothean race began to travel in space and found Mass Effect technology (mass effect) from the extinct Inusannon race’s ruins. Thanks to that, Prothean founded a civilization that covered the whole galaxy thanks to the Mass Relay network, and they discovered the Citadel was at the center of this network.

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A Prothean.

During his expansion, Prothean encountered a race of machines that threatened their survival, forcing them to acquire many other races in space into their power. This helps Prothean repel the enemy in a great war called the Metacon War. They also learned of Reaper’s existence by studying previous civilizations’ ruins and embarked on preparing for the inevitable conflict.

But despite the preparations, the Prothean empire collapsed more than 20,000 years after the first Protheans entered space as the Reaper arrived in the Citadel. This war lasted for centuries when the Prothean fleets stubbornly fought the Reaper to seize every city, every planet, every solar system. But the Prothean was not strong enough to stop the destruction, and after they collapsed, the Reaper exterminated all the remaining races before retreating to deep space to wait for the next harvest.

Thirty-five thousand years after the Prothean Empire was destroyed, the Turian race began to form its civilization. Between 13,000 BCE and 500 BCE, various alien races discovered the Mass Relay and found the Citadel, starting with the Asari and Salarians, two of the current Council members.

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One of the five wings of the Citadel.

Council Period

Five hundred years BCE was when the Council was formed, 20 years after the Asari and Salarians met in the Citadel. By this time, they had completed their capture of the Citadel, used it as the galaxy’s political and economic center, and called the year 0 of the new Galactic Standard (GS). Numerous other races such as Volus, Batarian, Elcor, Hanar, Quarian established relationships with the Council, and the political and economic relations in the universe exploded.

After 500 prosperous years of the Council, one of their explorers found the Rachni race through a Mass Relay that is still being shut down in 1 CE (Common Era). The Rachni are hostile and declare war on the whole universe. At the same time, negotiations are impossible because the Council’s creatures cannot communicate with the Rachni queens hidden deep in the earth of a gas-filled planet. poison. This battle lasted for 80 years until the Salarians found Kroga, a race still in the primitive age living on the earth Tuchanka. Krogan were used as soldiers for battle against the Rachni species because of their ability to endure the harsh environment. The war began to change when they started to exterminate the Rachni race.

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Three hundred years after discovering the world of Rachni and 220 years after the Krogan clan went to war, the Rachni species was declared extinct in 300 CE. The Council presented Krogan a new planet to thank for their contribution, and the Krogan population exploded thanks to this gift. The Krogan species began to expand its territory, occupying many new worlds that apprehended some Council countries, before directly invading the other races’ territory in the Council. The Krogan rebellion began when the conflict reached its peak and ended only when the Turians launched a biological weapon called the Genophage on the Krogan, causing the Krogan population to decline constantly. This led to the rebellion ceased after 100 years, by the time 800 AD. The Turks’ merit earned them a seat in the Council 100 years later.

Several other wars occurred in this era, such as the battle between inorganic creatures Geth and their creator, the Quarian. Meanwhile, in a small corner of the galaxy, Yuri Gagarin became the first man to fly into space in 1961 CE.

Rage Plot – P4: Disrupting Authority Plans Raine’s meeting with the Resistance is a turning point that changes the history of humanity in the world of Rage when he destroys General Cross’s plot.

Man steps into the universe

One hundred eighty-six years after the flight of Yuri Gagarin – 2148 CE, humans found some Prothean records hidden beneath Mars’ surface. These records help us quickly develop Mass Effect technology and the ability to travel faster than light to explore every corner of the solar system and find the Mass Relay hidden under cover of the Charon moon. This Mass Relay brings explorers to the planet Arcturus 36 light-years away and tells people that the Mass Relay is a vast network that makes it possible to travel across the galaxy. The 18 largest countries on Earth formed the Systems Alliance, the military leader, and humanity’s expedition to explore this vast space.

Eight years after creating the Systems Alliance and nine years after finding the Prothean artifact, a human expedition found a mass relay turned off and tried to activate it. Because this was a Mass Relay banned by the Council by law after the battle against the Rachni species, the explorer group was attacked by the nearby Turian fleet. This sparked a short but intense three-month war known by Turian as “Relay 314 Accident,” and man recorded it in his history as “First Contact War.”

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A human soldier is interrogated in the First Contact War.

In this war, Shanxi was the first colony of humanity to fall into an alien race before being recaptured by Admiral Kastanie Drescher’s 2nd Fleet. After this point, both humans and the Turans transported the war machine to prepare for a full-scale war. Still, fortunately, the Council intervened and informed the people of the existence of a community. In the universe and then offer a peace treaty for both sides. All of these events took place in 2157 CE. Still, its repercussions lasted: many races recognized people as a warlike race and isolated or feared them, which led to extreme organizations like Terra Firma and Cerberus later.

In the 2150s, many people began to become infected with Element Zero and become Biotic, although, at this time, their existence has not been noticed. It was not until 2158 that the first Biotic man was discovered and codenamed “Subject White.” After much research, people understood the effects of being exposed to Element Zero from the womb and began to exploit Biotic’s potential in many different ways.

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People now possess Biotic powers.

By 2183 CE, events of Mass Effect 1 took place. From this point, please leave the plot of the game for you to explore (review by playing the game) because the experience will be much better than reading them in an article.