Staying up late at night knows how long the night is, but how long it is not equal to the timeline of some games that I used to play like Suikoden.

First launched in 1996, Suikoden surprised many gamers when owning up to 108 characters, compared to the products released at the same time. The game inspired by the title of Water Margin brought tremendous changes because traditionally, a JPRG only build parties of about 8 to 10 characters that the player can control. Of course, in those 108 characters, one can only use up to about 40 characters, but that is a very terrible number already. Also, recruiting characters is not easy because the Suikoden series is also famous for an intriguing storyline with depth and many difficult secrets that, if not played repeatedly, it is tough for gamers to discover.

Besides the numerous characters with compelling stories behind each individual’s identity, Suikoden’s gameplay is also a significant factor in attracting fans when the game’s turn-based fighting mechanism also has a lot of transformation. Because of the extensive character system, each character has its unique tactics, which can be combined if adequately coordinated. That’s fascinating, but after launching five official versions and a few little side stories, this series has been forgotten by Konami and made fans eager to wait for the day when Suikoden will be resurrected.

Island Liberation War [Suikoden IV]

It is a large-scale military conflict, attracting many combat forces and occurring as early as the solar calendar (Solar Year – SY) from SY 302 to SY 307 in the world of Suikoden.

Cốt truyện Suikoden, các trận chiến quan trọng từng diễn ra trong lịch sử

The Island Liberation War erupted when the Kooluk Empire conspired to unite all island nations, starting the war by constructing the Giant Rune Cannon and firing half of Iluya Island. Not accepting the domination of Kooluk, Prince Lazlo En Kuldes has gathered forces to launch a revolt.

The battle ended with an attack on Fort El-Eal, Kooluk’s King Graham Cray was defeated, and the Giant Tree – the source of the power of the Giant Rune Cannon, was destroyed. Prince Lazlo En Kuldes has finally restored the glory of Obel’s kingdom, but the fate of this hero is not so lucky.

Lazlo En Kuldes owns Rune of Punishment and has tremendous power, but unlike other True Rune, it makes the owner immortal and drains their lives when used.

So without a Good Ending in Suikoden IV, none other than Lazlo En Kuldes will be the one to die at the end of the game. The only way to keep Lazlo alive is that the player must achieve a Good Ending, which means that you have to win 108 heroes before the battle at Fort El-Eal takes place. Although Lazlo’s end died and was buried by his teammates in his favorite boat, perhaps no gamer wants his main character to die.

Sun Rune War [Suikoden V]

The civil war in the aftermath of Falena lasted from SY 449 to SY 450. In the country Falena because the queen was the one who took the leading role, so she did not use the title of the kingdom. The war broke out when the Godwin clan carried out an assassination attempt at the fiancee ceremony for Princess Lymsleia, resulting in Queen Arshtat Falenas and her husband’s death.

Cốt truyện Suikoden, các trận chiến quan trọng từng diễn ra trong lịch sử

His parents were assassinated, his kidnapped sister later became a puppet to serve the traitors’ dark conspiracy, Prince Freyjadour Falenas gathers his patrons and the royal army to fight against back to the Godwin family military force.

The Sun Rune War ended when Freyjadour freed the capital Sol-Falena and sealed the Sun Rune at the solar palace, ending the Rune’s control over the Falenas royal family. Because of this sealing action, Freyjadour is also the only character in the Suikoden series that is not under the control of one of 27 True Rune. He can live and die naturally rather than under the immortal curse as the Characters in other Suikoden versions.

Gate Rune War [Suikoden I]

Gate Rune War, also known as the Toran Liberation War, is a civil war that took place in the Scarlet Moon Empire that lasted from SY 453 to SY 457. The war involved many different factions and races. However, the two main military forces, which play a key role in the Gate Rune War, are the Scarlet Moon Imperial Army, the Toran Liberation Army, a rebel group formed to oppose increasingly increasing rule. Engraving of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Cốt truyện Suikoden, các trận chiến quan trọng từng diễn ra trong lịch sử

This war ended when the Toran army captured Gregminster. The emperor Barbarossa Rugner also disappeared during the loss of Gregminster. Still, he will appear and fight a final battle with the hero Tir McDohl of the tournament forces launch. The Scarlet Moon Empire was dissolved after the war, and the Republic of Toran was created instead. Despite being considered a civil war, it is undeniable that foreign forces’ deep intervention led to immediate and fewer casualties.

The Scarlet Moon Empire collapsed, and the Toran Republic was born. The hero Tir McDohl was expected by the people all over Toran to become the first prime minister of this young republic. Still, instead, he quietly left the desert late at night when everyone is celebrating the victory. From there until Dunan Unification Wars, no one saw Tir in Tiran anymore.

Dunan Unification War [Suikoden II]

This was a battle between Jowston citadel and then New State army and Highland kingdom. The war began in SY 460 after the Jowston army slaughtered the Highland Unicorn soldiers’ brigade during the truce. In essence, the massacre was a conspiracy by Prince Luca Blight himself to pull strings to create a reason to tear the peace treaty and start a war between Jowston city and Highland kingdom.

Cốt truyện Suikoden, các trận chiến quan trọng từng diễn ra trong lịch sử

The Jowston alliance, under the leadership of Anabelle – the mayor of Muse, stood firm against the rushing attacks of the Highland army. However, after her death, the alliance quickly fell and lost most of its territory. It was at this time that the hero Riou – the main character in Suikoden 2, used his leadership and stamina to gather and unify the Jowston remnants to wage resistance against the Highland.

At this time, Highland’s political situation was too complicated when three kings have crowned kings in a year. Agares Blight was poisoned by his son to take the throne, shortly after Luca Blight was also possessed by Riou’s fraternal brother Jowy Atreides and died. The internal turmoil caused the kingdom to lose its military supremacy quickly, and the war finally ended with the defeat of Jowy Atreides in Highland’s capital L’Renouille.

Despite the unification of the Dunan – Dunan Unification War – foreign military forces’ intervention also contributed significantly. The holy kingdom of Harmonia has ordered Bishop Sarasai to bring troops to help the Highland. Not to be outdone, the Republic of Toran also agreed to send 5,000 soldiers under the Toranese dominance to assist the New State army. Grassland’s Karaya clan also participated in the war, allying with the Highland in retaliation against Jowston’s city-state injustice against their tribes in the past.

Second Fire Bringer War [Suikoden III]

Second Fire Bringer War is a battle between Grassland and the holy kingdom of Harmonia. As the first war, the Grassland army is a combination of six clans often dubbed Fire Bringer and headed by the Flame Champion.

Cốt truyện Suikoden, các trận chiến quan trọng từng diễn ra trong lịch sử

Unlike the First Fire Bringer War, this time, the Fire Bringer coalition also has the participation of Zexen, the Anonymous federation, and a few anti-war units in the southern region of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. However, this battle was justified by the Harmonia elite to protect the True Runes and realm of the kingdom. When one of his bishops discovered that the interests of the True Rune were higher than those of Harmonia, they immediately killed him without hesitation, despite his importance to Harmonia’s kingdom.

Thus, counting from the beginning of the solar calendar of 375 years (-375 SY), with the Sierra turned into a vampire ancestor under the effect of Moon Rune. Until the Lizard and Karaya ambush, Zexen knights in the Amur Plateau in 475 SY and the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia begin to invade Grassland, starting Second Fire Bringer War. The total duration of events in the Suikoden series has been around 850 years. Still, millions of years since the True Runes have existed, it isn’t easy to accurately calculate the brand’s timeline.