Interesting and practical tips, better Xbox One users in everyday gaming and entertainment experience you may not know.

After some great tips for Xbox One users, we will continue with other handy tips. Especially if you have Kinect, you can take advantage of the voice command function that comes with this device with simple voice commands to practice vocabulary pronunciation.

6. Xbox SmartGlass application
If you use the Xbox SmartGlass app on your smartphone, you can also take advantage of the second secondary monitor. The requirement is that both smartphones and Xbox One must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It helps you make better use of your idle phone or tablet while playing games.

A good example is using the Battlefield map on your tablet to hide one corner of your gaming screen.

Xbox Smartglass can be downloaded on the Store of Windows Phone, Android and iOS, and Windows 10.

7. Pinto Home
If you have a web app you want to use on Xbox One or play while watching, for example, collecting instructions. You can “pin” this site to the main screen for easy access by pressing the menu button on the handle and selecting Pin to Home.

The reality is that many websites and services don’t have their apps, but they can still work well on Microsoft Edge. Most sites are currently built according to HTML5 standards, and this standard works well on the Xbox One web browser.

This tip is quite useful when you use the Xbox as a home entertainment center or regularly use a particular website or service for specific tasks in the above case. You can pin it to the Dashboard, and whenever needed, select or voice commands to Kinect.

8. Transfer applications
Speaking of apps, you can even quickly switch between apps using the “snap” feature in Xbox One. Just double-click the Xbox button to switch from one app to another without having to return to the Dashboard each time you need to switch.

If you have Kinect, you can voice command “Xbox switch” to easily switch from one application screen to another. This is a faster way to take advantage of this feature instead of resorting to “snap”.

9. YouTube
A lot of users use YouTube on Xbox One. Perhaps not exaggerating to say that YouTube is the main application that every device has. From handheld game consoles or consoles to Smart TVs. Oh, forget, not all devices, except Windows Phone, because of Google’s dirty tricks!

Watching YouTube on Xbox One is also interesting, but sometimes it’s not very convenient. But I’ll show you an even more interesting trick to using YouTube with Kinect. A lot of Xbox One users are quite dependent on Kinect’s voice commands. Why? Because it is easy to use and convenient in the experience.

It is worth mentioning that YouTube does not support the voice command feature. Actually not. Instead of using the usual “Xbox” command, you must replace it with “YouTube” and read the command. This way can be used to play or pause, fast forward, etc., as usual, you still do with voice commands Xbox.

If you want to skip an advertisement on the YouTube app without letting it go, press the Y button and then press the B button, and YouTube will skip the ad.

10. Netflix

Another interesting tip that I also entirely like is “pinning”, a drama from Netflix. Again, you can do this with other video apps, but Netflix seems to be perfect for this tip when directing you directly to what you need.

If you have Kinect, you can do it easily from the Dashboard. Just say Xbox select and then pin, then say the name of the series you want. So it will immediately appear instead of going through many operations such as opening up Netflix and then finding what you have seen before and then click on it to start watching.

Having the entire series you want to see on the Dashboard is not only easy to access but also speeds up your movie viewing.

You can also “pin” a series of movies by selecting them in Netflix or other movie applications, then pressing the menu button on the button and finding the Pinto Home option in it. It is done.

11. Order food and drink
This is a tip I saw online but haven’t had the chance to try again. It is only useful in some instances, such as when a large group of friends is sitting with them. If you are an Xbox Live Gold user who owns Xbox One, you are offered a hundred minutes of free calling to your real phone number on Skype. Yes, Microsoft is now the boss of Skype because they bought it for a long time.

With the voice control feature on Xbox, create a Skype contact to a real phone number to order food or drink on Skype. It is best to use an English name to use Kinect voice control easily. Add it to the Favorites list. Later, when you need to, sit there and play Xbox One games with friends and then order “Xbox, Call Pizza,” for example. So you can order pizza from the Xbox and wait for the staff to bring it home and pick it up.

And as mentioned above, here are tips you may or may not know. The purpose of the article is to help users experience Xbox One more conveniently with practical usage tips, making the most of what the device can bring you.

Xbox One has many useful features, and the ability to multitask is also excellent. You know how to take advantage of it!