Fighting in Far Cry New Dawn has a different number from the traditional games, so there are some Far Cry New Dawn instructions, which help you not be startled when fighting.

The combat system in Far Cry New Dawn can be said to be both familiar and strange. There are still regular features and friendly guns, but the damage and the related auxiliary functions’ operation are slightly different. In this tutorial, Far Cry New Dawn will help you understand the mechanics of fighting in the game.

Things to note about the enemy

When fighting, the first thing you aim to, of course, is the enemy, unless you want to fight yourself in the mirror-like folktale. Almost everything in Far Cry New Dawn is classified into four levels, ranked from low to high. Tier 1 is the most fry, and tier 4 is the most horrible with its name, “Elite,” i.e., the elite’s top.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

Level 1 enemies are easy to deal with

Enemies in the first two tiers will not have armor or light armor. You can defeat easily with primary fire. In terms of sneaky from tier 2 onwards, you need the corresponding takedown skill to open this function to the corresponding tier’s enemies when approaching. Their firepower is also relatively easy to breathe, even though the shotgun is still painful, but better than the higher ones.

In contrast, with two tiers after, the enemy is equipped with thick and too thick armor. At this point, headshot bullets sometimes only hit the helmet or not even the helmet. As a result, you have to fight very hard because their armor is too thick to scratch and itch while they are equipped with heavy guns such as sniper, flamethrower, machine gun, rocket…

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

The elite bear has an orange fur mark on its stomach, which is a critical hit.

Another type of enemy is jungle animals, which are also classified in the same tier, each species will be ranked separately, and some unique animals are ranked to Elite. Elite-class beasts will have a different color of the hair on them, and it is considered a critical point. If you shoot at it, the damage will be more serious. You will have to hunt these beasts if you want to forge a last-level weapon because some high-end items require you to use a piece of elite animal skin specified as an attachment.

And finally, do not be careless when wading into the water because it will be tough to fight the predatory fish, which is also an animal in the enemy group. Remember the Demon Fish?

Roster – Our bodyguards

This is the same system as the Specialist in Far Cry 5, but in Far Cry New Dawn, the specialist used to refer to the NPC group that affects the construction mission, so Roster gets rid of this name and calls it by name and Specific fighting style.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

The roster has eight characters with eight different types of fighting.

In Roster, eight different characters correspond to 8 distinct fighting styles from sniper to heavy machine gun or fire support to scouts, hunters silently… You will bring 1 of 8 characters. This is to make you fight.

Roster characters will have three different combat skills and open gradually through the 0, 15, and 40 kill milestones. This means that you want to “feed” the character you have to carry and allow them to destroy the enemy. The later the skills become stronger and will turn your guards into a stronger warrior more reliable.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

Training camp works to increase tier for the roster.

Another important thing is that at the base of a building is Training Camp. Upgrading it will increase the tier for Roster. The quality of the warriors you own will increase according to the tier, and the effect can be seen in combat. Remember that no matter how good your warriors are, when hitting high tier enemies, they are still getting hit as usual. You have to improve their tier, so they have more buffalo health than the ability to endure more.

Weapon – The main force slapping the muzzle of the enemy

No matter how strong the Roster is, the main factor is still you. It is impossible that the bodyguard is too strong and you rifled guns, thin HP. The story of increasing HP, I mentioned in the basic tutorial before. Now we will go to the weapons section.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

The M60 Tier 1 gun looks extremely shabby.

Yes, weapons are also divided into 4 tier notes, and the two damage and auxiliary features determine the difference between them. Tier 1, you will have the basic gun with normal damage. You do not even have a snipe right (except sniper) that must aim with the gun’s basic sight. The following tier features and damage will increase. You will have a genuine sight, a long blade at the tip of the gun to “skew” the enemy, and the ability to shoot special bullets.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

M-79 rifle useful at the end of the game

The elite tier weapons can be the most brilliant game when providing you with the best gun versions of the previous tier with some ultimate weapons such as the M-79 grenade launcher instead of pistols. As you know, the M-79 is too significant damage but can be stuffed into the gun holder. You can sacrifice the pistol in exchange for a booming boom and still hold three long guns to pinpoint enemies.

To get good weapons is not easy; for tier 1 and 2, you need Titanium besides other common materials that are easier to find. Titanium is only available in safes, enemy vehicle materials, Expedition minigames, and high-tier animal skins in exchange. Not to talk about using virtual money to buy it because it is a bit misleading, although it is true that you can use virtual money to purchase packages of materials.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

Titanium in 1 safe

Up to tier 3 and 4, things are sourer when besides Titanium, which is quite difficult to find. It requires an additional Circuit Board, which can only be obtained through Expedition and trade the highest-tier animal skins to have. Even some special guns require an extra skin of an elite beast.

Also, you can upgrade old guns with resources but recommend that you do not use this game. You will be very holes, it requires more resources and Ethanol to raise, but each lift is only + 5% damage, too poor!

Of course, talking about guns can not forget ammunition. If no ammunition, what to shoot now. There are two groups of bullets in the game, basic bullets and special bullets. Basic bullets are quite easy to find when they are scattered in the game, picked up from enemy corpses or loot boxes. You can also make bullets on a gunsmithing table using copper wires (cooper) to make them.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

50cal heavy sniper armor pierces

Special bullets are unusual bullets. Depending on the type of gun, it will have one or more different types of special bullets. For example, armor-piercing bullets, fire bullets with sniper or slug shot bullets, fire bullets with a shotgun even with rockets also have bombs bullets exploding to pieces. These bullets are only made from forging tables and cost more copper than normal bullets. The number allowed is even lower than regular ammunition, about 2/3.

Battlefield – Far Cry New Dawn is full of fire and smoke

When all is well, the last thing is to leave. In battle, you only need to note one thing: enemies from tier 3 or higher must use armor-piercing bullets. Because bullets often shoot like raindrops on raincoats, you can try them if you want. To change the type of ammunition, press the “Q” button to open the gun list, select the gun you want to use first, then return to this menu and click on the type of bullet you want to replace. You can only replace the new kind of ammunition for the gun you currently hold in your hand.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

Change the bullet type on the Q menu.

Choosing the right type of ammunition for the right target will optimize the performance unexpectedly. For example, an elite name your headshot to the 2nd shot to hit the hat and have to play the 3rd or four headshots to be defeated even though you have the strongest sniper rifle SA-50 game. With armor-piercing bullets, you only need one headshot.

Speaking of elite enemies, they have the advantage of not being able to tag. You will lose track of them if you get out of sight. That’s why the first choice when you want to take out a 3-star outpost silently is to beat them first with a sniper gun or assassinate with elite takedown skills. If you missed them, you will be caught by surprise when a siren could follow the detector in the enemy camp, and a heavy-armed bandit “council” will arrive.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

The Elite will disappear if you are out of sight.

And unfortunately, if you have to grab a heavy machine gun built somewhere in an outpost or mounted on a vehicle, keep in mind that it has a muzzle level. When you discharge continuously, the gun will heat up, and when it reaches a maximum, it will stop firing. Shoot sparingly and be careful not to discharge too much ammunition.

Stealing cars is a kind of weird battle because not all cars steal the same way. If you want to steal an enemy vehicle, you need to take down the driver. That’s the usual way. But the ethanol tank truck and the prison truck must be extremely careful while shooting the driver because the tank truck is very explosive, and the prisoner car is sitting right behind the driver. As long as you shoot indiscriminately, you will get nothing but minus points.

Hướng dẫn Far Cry New Dawn – Bí kíp chiến đấu

Saw-gun has many levels with different powers.

The saw gun is a special new gun made specifically for Far Cry New Dawn, so it is also quite strange than other guns. You will shoot the saw blade at the enemy. The damage is quite terrible, and it has a prominent feature: hitting the enemies standing nearby. Saw blade gun, on the other hand, is almost like a bow and arrow. It makes no sound and can be used for stealthy stunts. The way to use it is quite odd, you can try it if you think it suits you.

Overall this is a guide to Far Cry New Dawn, my final introductory course. Reading the two tutorials gives you a decent understanding of how to enter the world of the game. In the game, you will probably discover many more exciting things like motor vehicles or the relationship between characters of Far Cry 5 and new characters in Far Cry New Dawn later like Carmina Rye term.

In the following articles, I will go into the analysis of the plot. You remember to look forward to it! I wish you happy gaming.