There are two different ways to select text on a Windows tablet, depending on how you want to use it:


Cách chọn văn bản trên máy tính bảng Windows để bạn có thể sao chép (copy) văn bản

If you want to use your Windows tablet

1 – Double-finger on the text you want to copy to highlight part of the text.

2 – Drag the sizing handles until all of the text you want to copy is highlighted.

3 – Touch and hold your finger inside the highlighted text until the menu pops up, then select Copy. The selected text is now on your tablet’s clipboard, and you can paste it wherever you want.

That’s how you select text on a Windows tablet using just the tablet itself (and your finger).

And now, easily

1 – Get your Bluetooth mouse.

2 – Pair the mouse with the tablet.

3 – Use your mouse to select the text the same way you would when using your laptop or desktop, then use your mouse to paste it wherever you want. _

As you can see, using a mouse makes copying text much more comfortable when using a Windows tablet. One mouse makes almost everything a lot easier on a Windows tablet!