The popular browser Mozilla Firefox can save the settings and content of Internet pages and store entered passwords. And lastly, it’s useful when you have to enter hidden text in the login form on several websites every day. And any time you can see the saved password.

xem mat khau da luu trong firefox

How to view saved passwords in Firefox (English)

It’s worth reserving from the start is the password saving function available by default after installing the program. And is shown in the appearance of a dialog box with the question, as shown in the image below.

Suppose you received the message above at the web page entrance. In that case, the chances are that the Internet resource does not support personal information transmission or the Mozilla Firefox functionality is disabled!

Allow saving passwords

By default, Firefox will remember passwords. You can disable this feature or tell Firefox never to remember a password for a particular site.

Click the menu button.

Select the Security panel.

If it is not already selected, then select Remember logins for sites.

To the right of Remember logins for sites, click on the Exceptions button.

Make sure that the page you are trying to log in to is not in this list.

If so, select the category and hit Delete, followed by Close.

Review saved passwords

Click the menu button.

Select the table “ Security. -> Save Logins…

Click “Show Passwords

Click ” Yes

Finish, now your Username and Password have appeared.

Here, if you want to remove an individual account, click to select that account, click ” Delete “, then click ” Close “.

Good luck!