If you cannot enter anything on the computer via the keyboard, the first thing you want to do is check the keyboard’s working status. In other words, you might be wondering if the keyboard is working correctly.

Assuming you have no idea how to check the keyboard’s status on your computer, this particular article will introduce two methods to check it on a Windows 8 computer for your reference.

Two ways to check keyboard status in Windows 8:

  • Check keyboard status in Device Manager.
  • Check keyboard status in the Keyboard Properties window.

Method 1: Check the keyboard status in Device Manager.

Step 1: Right-click Computer on the desktop and select Manage in the context menu to open Computer Management.

Step 2: In the Computer Management window, click Device Manager on the left to open it.

Step 3: Double-click Keyboards, right-click on the pop-up keyboard (here called PS / 2 Standard Keyboard), and select Properties in the list.

Step 4: When the Properties window appears, check Device status in General.

If the keyboard is working correctly, you can see the information reading. This device is working correctly ( This device is working correctly). If not, you will see the information that says, “ The drivers for this device are not installed. To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver (The drivers for this device are not installed. To find the driver for this device, click Update Driver).

Method 2: Check the keyboard status in the Keyboard Properties window.

Step 1: Open the Search panel using Windows + F hotkeys, select Settings, type Keyboard in the search box, and click Keyboard to open the Keyboard properties window.

Cách kiểm tra tình trạng bàn phím (Keyboard) trong Windows 8

Step 2: In the Keyboard Properties window, select Hardware in the upper left and click Properties in the bottom right.

Step 3: Check the information in Device status in the following window.

Finally, assuming you find that the keyboard cannot function properly, you can enable Touch Keyboard instead of updating Driver.