How to cut mp3 songs – instructions

Mp3cut is a free online music cutter app. It works online, meaning there is no need to install it on a computer, open a browser, and use it. The task is simplified into a few simple steps. Here are the instructions for use:

1. Open in website browser

2. At the main interface, click ” Open file “”. to select the uploaded audio file

3 . You can cut both mp3 and file in any other audio and video format. If you open the video, the sound will be extracted from it. Select the audio file in the folder and click ” Open ” to upload

4 . Now that the track is open, choose the desired distance by moving the blue sliders. You can drag them with the mouse or use the arrows on the keyboard.

5 . You can make the track start silent by smoothly increasing its volume. This is very useful if you are making ringtones. To do this, turn on the “smooth start” function.

6 . Press Mode to Select the format you want to save the file to by default, MP3; there are three other formats AMR, WAV, AAC. It will work in most cases. Or choose iPhone ringtones to cut iPhone ringtones. Then click Cut to start cutting music

7 . Click the “Download” link and in the window that appears, choose the folder on your computer where you should save the cut.