Whether you are selling a computer or a tablet and need to get rid of a user account or need to wipe an old employee off a company computer, there are several reasons why you might have to delete a user account. On Windows 8, Here’s how to do it.

Cách Xóa Tài khoản Người dùng trên Windows 8

Step 1. Open the charm bar and click/tap “ Settings “. At the top of the Settings menu, you will see the option “Control Panel”. Click to open the Control Panel.

Step 2. From Control Panel, select the option User Accounts and Family Safety”. You will be greeted with a new menu that allows you to manage User Accounts, Family Safety, and Credentials. Click the User Accounts link.

Step 3. The next menu should have an option that says, Manage another account”. Click this link to open a window with a list of accounts registered on the device.

Step 4. Find the account you want to delete and double-click it. This action will open the ” Change an Account ” page.

Step 5. From the new menu, click on the link “ Delete the account ” to wipe the system! If asked to confirm the deletion, do so: make sure you’re deleting the account you want to get rid of.