How to Delete a User Account on Windows 8

How to Delete a User Account on Windows 8

Whether you are selling a computer or a tablet and need to get rid of a user account or need to wipe an old employee off a company computer, there are several reasons why you might have to delete a user account. on Windows 8 Here’s how to do it.

Cách Xóa Tài khoản Người dùng trên Windows 8

Step 1. Open the charm bar and click / tap “ Settings “. At the top of the Settings menu, you will see an option “Control Panel”. Click to open the Control Panel.

Step 2. From Control Panel, select the option “ User Accounts and Family Safety “. You will be greeted with a new menu that allows you to manage User Accounts, Family Safety and Credentials. Click the User Accounts link .

Step 3. The next menu should have an option that says, “ Manage another account “. Click this link to open a window with a list of accounts registered on the device.

Step 4. Find the account you want to delete and double-click it. This action will open the ” Change an Account ” page.

Step 5. From the new menu, click on the link “ Delete the account ” to wipe the system! If asked to confirm the deletion, do so: just make sure you’re deleting the account you really want to get rid of.