You can now open Universal Apps in a reusable window on a Windows 10 PC, just like any other app. This post will show you how to display Universal Windows Store Apps in full-screen mode in Windows 10. You can now enter or exit fullscreen mode one by one. the easy way in just one click

Display Universal Apps & Edge in full-screen mode

Click the Start button on your taskbar and open any Universal app.

Hiển thị Universal Apps & Edge trong chế độ toàn màn hình trong Windows 10

Press the middle zoom button, and the app will expand to fill the screen.

Now press Win + Shift + Enter, and the application will run full screen as follows. There is also a search box currently available to you.

Now move the mouse pointer to the app’s top border to see the title bar, click the Exit button full screen shown in the top right corner. Clicking the exit icon will bring your application back to the window size.

You can click the Restore icon to move the app window down to a smaller size.

Gone are the times when you had to close a game using the Alt + F4 keys once you got into full-screen mode. You can now quickly enter full-screen mode in any contest you like and can exit the window view with just a few clicks.

  • Playing a game in full-screen mode doubles the fun, and now you can get the ultimate experience on your Windows 10 PC too.
  • Open any game from your Universal 10 Windows App and go to the top border. Click the Full-screen button and see the full screen view.

Please note that these icons are only viewed on a few apps, including Windows 10 PC games like Microsoft Solitaire, Wordament, and more. You can also display the Microsoft Edge browser in full-screen mode using this procedure.