Microsoft has enhanced some functionality and added many new settings in the Windows 10 v1703 Settings app. If you open the Settings panel, you’ll notice a new option added in the Settings panel called Gaming. In the Game category, there is an option called Game Mode. Simply put, Game Mode helps users to optimize their system and play any game more smoothly. According to Microsoft, users can play almost any game with a smooth experience using the game mode.

Windows 10 Game Mode

Game Mode is a term coined by Microsoft for computer gamers. This mode helps the user use most of the system resources to get a better user experience. To eliminate unwanted lag, missing frame rate, etc., this mode has been introduced in Windows 10 V1703 or Creators Update.

With Game Mode enabled, your computer will use most of the CPU and GPU to play games. Unwanted and non-prioritized background processes are automatically stopped. Unwanted background processes include random virus scans, etc. Unfortunately, the user cannot control or run specific background processes while still having Game Mode.

Turn on and use Game Mode in Windows 10

To enable Game Mode in Windows 10, open Control Panel and go to the Gaming section. On the left-hand side, you will see the Game Mode option. Click it on / off button and let Game Mode turn on right away.

Cách kích hoạt và sử dụng Chế độ Game trong Windows 10

After enabling Game Mode from the Control Panel, you need to enable Game Mode in the game individually. For this, you have to allow Game Bar, which can be found on the same screen where you see Game Mode. Open the Game Bar section and enable the option of Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game Bar.

Now open any game and press Win + G to bring up the Game bar. In the game bar, you will find a gear icon for settings. Click it.

Then you will probably have an option called Use Game Mode for this game under the General tab. You must select the checkbox.

Game Mode will be enabled for that particular game. If you want to disable Game Mode for any game, go to the same screen and uncheck the box.