How to Enable / Disable Wi-Fi in Windows 10

How to Enable / Disable Wi-Fi in Windows 10

Having problems with Wi-Fi on Windows 10? Our guide shows you how to switch wireless on and off and fix adapter problem.

Is the Windows computer or laptop having problems connecting to the Wi-Fi network? We show you how to enable and disable wireless connections and troubleshoot adapter settings.

Turn Wi-Fi on and off

The basic process for switching on and off Wi-Fi in Windows 10 is nice and simple. Use the Wi-Fi icon located in the system tray – the part to the right of the Taskbar. Click on the icon and here you can turn on Wi-Fi and choose from different available networks.

Cách Bật/ Tắt Wi-Fi trong Windows 10

What to do when there is no Wi-Fi icon in Windows

If there is no Wi-Fi icon in the corner, you can plug in the ethernet cable or the Wi-Fi adapter is disabled. Here’s how to turn it back on.

Go to Start Menu and select Settings .
• Click on Networks & Internet .
• Select Wi-Fi in the box on the left.
• Scroll down and click Change adapter options .
• Right-click on the Wi-Fi adapter and click Enable .

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