Instructions on how to open an On-Screen Keyboard in Windows 10 with six ways available when you want to enable On-Screen Keyboard (as shown in the image below) in your Windows 10 computer is the fastest and easiest way.
6 cách mở bàn phím ảo trên Windows

6 Ways to enable the on-screen keyboard in Windows 10:

Method 1: Open On-Screen Keyboard in computer settings.

Step 1: Open.

Step 2: Select Ease of Access in Settings.

Mở On-Screen Keyboard trong cài đặt máy tính

Step 3: Select the keyboard, and tap the switch under On-Screen Keyboard to turn it on.

Cách bật và sử dụng bàn phím ảo trong Windows 10

Method 2: Turn on the virtual keyboard in Ease of Access Center.

In Windows 8 :

Press Windows key + U to open the Ease of Access Center, and select Start On-Screen Keyboard.

Bật bàn phím ảo trong Ease of Access Center

In Windows 10:

  1. Press Windows + U to open Ease of Access. Or click the Settings icon in the left corner of the Start Menu and choose Ease of Access
  2. Press Keyboard

  3. In the slider of Use the On-Screen Keyboard, you press a switch to on. The virtual fee desk window will open.

Method 3: Open the keyboard through the Search panel.

Step 1: Press Windows + C to open the Charms menu and select Search.

Hướng dẫn mở bàn phím ảo Win 10 nhanh nhất

Step 2: Enter the screen (or on-screen keyboard) in the box, and tap On-Screen Keyboard in the results.

cách mở bàn phím ảo win 10

Method 4: Turn on the virtual keyboard by Run.

Step 1: Right-click in the lower-left corner and select Run in the Access Quick Menu.

Bật bàn phím ảo bằng Run

Step 2: Type osk and click OK in the Run dialog box.

cách mở bàn phím trên màn hình máy tính

Method 5: Open this keyboard with the help of Command Prompt.

Step 1: Press Windows + X to open the Access Quick Menu, and select Command Prompt.

sử dụng Command Prompt mở bàn phím ảo

Step 2: Type ask in Command Prompt and press Enter.

mở bàn phím ảo trên laptop win 10

Method 6: Turn on On-Screen Keyboard using Windows PowerShell.

Step 1: Click the Start button and select Windows PowerShell in the Start Menu to open it.

Bật On-Screen Keyboard sử dụng Windows PowerShell

Step 2: Type ask in the Windows PowerShell window and press Enter.

bật bàn phím OSK trong Windows