How do I type emojis on a PC keyboard? That’s a question you probably asked. Now, with windows, 10new emoji keyboard will help to add emojis to Twitter, Facebook, and other apps quickly.

While there’s nothing wrong with old-style smiley faces ? or GIFs, emojis are a simple way to add a little fun to your communication. Microsoft has now added its easy emoji keyboard to Windows 10.

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How to enter emojis in Windows 10

To use Emojis on a Windows 10 PC, you have to bypass the keyboard and use the on-screen virtual keyboard. When we say on-screen keyboard, we are not talking about the regular keyboard application. We are talking about the touch keyboard. There is a difference.

To turn on the “Touch keyboard” keyboard, go to the Taskbar, right-click and choose the Show touch keyboard button. This will open the touch keyboard and will also add a small keyboard icon on your taskbar.

So you can click this little keyboard icon any time you need to add emoji in a Word document or anywhere else. When the keyboard is open, click on the smiley button next to the space bar, and the letter keys will transform into an emoji keyboard.

These humorous little characters are categorized into emojis, facial emojis, party pop, food, icons, love, cars, and more. Click the small arrow in the left-most pane to get more emojis of the selected category. Switch between types of emojis using the category buttons at the bottom.

You can also change the emoji’s color tone from this keyboard. Click the small colored square right next to the Smiley button and choose a skin tone from 6 different options.

Please note that emojis appear differently on shows. For example, they appear colorful in my FB status update but black and white in MS Word and Notepad. I don’t know if there is any other way to get such colorful emojis.

So finally, Windows users now have a way to use emojis on their Windows 10 PCs. Emoticons set includes most of the popular emojis. Now you don’t need to visit third-party apps or websites to copy emojis.