Although Adobe Systems is known for its reliable and high-quality programs, there are several situations where you will encounter a blue AdobeGCClient.exe error named MSVCP140.dll. This error most likely affects Adobe Acrobat users but can affect others as well. This error will be presented when you try to start the program and prevent you from using Adobe software. This error doesn’t have any warnings so that you won’t predict or stop the problem.

The problem happened due to an Adobe update. Adobe Systems may push its updates, causing this problem. The new updates depend on MSVCP140.dll, so you will get this error if you don’t have that installed on your computer.

Khắc phục Lỗi hệ thống AdobeGCClient.exe-MSVCP140.dll

Adobe System has officially announced that they will fix this in subsequent updates, so you have some hope there. However, if you don’t have the latest updates, then don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to resolve this issue.

Method 1: Microsoft C + + Redistributable

Your approach to solving this problem is to download Microsoft C + + Redistributable. Redistribution settings can solve the problem for a lot of users. Usually, the file is included in the setup if it is essential for a properly functioning program. However, since the file’s dependency, i.e., that MSVCP140.dll, was retained through the update, you will have to download the file yourself. The required files are included in the Microsoft C ++ Redistributable package.

  1. Go here and download Microsoft C + + Redistributable by clicking the Download button.

  1. Once downloaded, you need to install both x64.exe as well as vc_redist.x86.exe. However, if you have a 64-bit system, install vc_redist.x86.exe first and then install vc_redist.x64.exe.

Once installed, reboot the computer and check if the problem is gone. If the problem is still there, uninstall Microsoft C ++ Redistributable 2010 (or any other old versions) from your programs and then reboot. That should fix the problem for sure.

If you don’t know how to uninstall Microsoft C + + Redistributable 2010, follow the below steps.

  1. Hold Windows key and press R
  2. Type appwiz. Cpl and press Enter
  1. Locate Microsoft C + + Redistributable 2010, right-click on it, and choose to follow any additional on-screen instructions and be it. You can also click Microsoft C + + Redistributable 2010 and click Uninstall from the top as well.

Method 2: Rename AdobeGCCLient

Renaming AdobeGCClient.exe to AdobeGCClient.old also fixes the problem. Don’t worry; this is an Adobe file that’s for security purposes only. The file checks to see if you have a legal copy of the Adobe products. So changing it won’t create any problems.

  1. Hold Windows key and press R
  2. Type C: Program Files (x86) Common Files Adobe AdobeGCClient and press Enter

  1. Right, click the AdobeGCClient. Exe and choose Rename.

  1. Named for

    AdobeGCClient. Exe to AdobeGCClient.old and press Enter. Click Yes if it requires any confirmation.

That’s it. Now the error should not appear.