For the average user who knows a little about disk management, adding space to drive C is not easy. There are two solutions: increase space in C drive with Disk Management and EaseUS partition software. But which is the best? We recommend the second one. Why? Windows’ built-in Disk Management tool can indeed add space to drive C. But a prerequisite is to have constant space behind drive C. Otherwise, you cannot increase C drive capacity because Windows Vista, Windows 2008, or Windows 7 Disk Management cannot move the partition so that there is constant space behind the C drive that you want to expand. For this reason, we prefer the easier way to increase C drive space with magic partition manager, EaseUS partition software. It can help you do this job in simple steps without losing any data.

Step-by-step instructions for extending the system drive partition (C: drive).

1. Launch the partitioning program.

Phần mềm quản lý phân vùng EaseUS

If there is no space allocated after the system partition, follow the steps below. If there is allocated space after the system partition, please go to step 4 directly.

2. Select the partition behind C, right-click on it, choose “Resize / Move partition” and drag the partition handle leftwards to change the size of drive E. Then, space will be allocated.

Thay đổi kích thước / di chuyển phân vùng

3. Move the drive to the right so that the undivided space is behind the system partition (C: drive) and click OK.

Phân vùng ổ C

4. Select the system partition (C: drive), right-click it, and select “Resize / Move partition”, drag the partition right away to extend the system partition (C: drive).

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5. Click Apply