How to play youtube video in a computer web browser

How to loop a YouTube video on Phone, Computer.

You open the Youtube video you like and you want to play the Youtube video automatically.

YouTube allows you to automatically loop the video you are watching.In addition, there are free third-party services that can assist with video looping.

The following methods are quite simple to help you repeat your favorite YouTube trailer or music video, and they are completely free and work with all platforms, including iPhone and Android smartphones and Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

  • How to play back Youtube video on Windows, Mac computer browser
  • How to use to play back Youtube videos on Phones and Computers
  • Install a free app for YouTube video playback on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

How to play back Youtube video on computer browser

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video on your computer in a web browser like Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, then you’ve actually been able to loop the video, through a hidden menu embedded in the video.

Step 1. Using your favorite Web browser, go to Youtube and select the video you want to repeat

Step 2. Right click on the video area or long press if you are using touch screen.

Step 3. Select “ Loop ” from the menu.

cach lap lai video youtube tren trinh duyet web may tinh

From this point on, the video will loop continuously until you turn off looping of the video you have open on Youtube, you can do it by repeating the above steps to deselect loop option or by refresh the page.

How to Use the website to play back Youtube videos on Phones and Computers

First, you’ll need to browse to the video you want to repeat. You will then edit the URL in the address bar, in the way shown below.

cach lap lai video youtube bang cach sua url video

Editing steps

Step 1. Using your browser, go to Youtube and select the video you want to repeat

Step 2. Tap the URL of the Video you play and want to repeat


Step 3. Delete everything before youtube. The part you need to delete in the above example is “ https: // www. “.

Enter repeat after the word youtube. Edit the URL that looks like shown below, then press Enter .

youtube repeat .com / watch? v = ZIIty8FfJMc

Step 4. After pressing Enter, your browser will open a page with the same URL as shown here:

This page will repeat your video until it is closed.

Install the free app for Youtube video playback on iPhone, iPad or Android.

In addition to using the website method above, owners of an iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch can also use the Free Music app to loop YouTube videos. It also has a ton of other features, but the loops are easy to do.

Step 1. Install the following app to loop YouTube videos for free:

Step 2. Browse or search for a video.

Step 3. Click the circle button, repeat below the video for the icon to show 1.

cach lap lai video youtube tren iphone android