I often get questions about speeding up the computer that has become sluggish over time or fixing problems preventing Windows from working as it should.

There are several different answers that I usually have for those questions, and my answer depends on the actual problems they are having with their machines.

It doesn’t happen often, but the best answer is to reinstall Windows and start over from time to time.

If you have a recent system image backup on hand, all you have to do is restore your hard drive from backup and be done with it. But if not, you still have another great option.

Over time refreshing your Windows installation meant wiping your hard drive clean and reinstalling Windows and all your programs and files from scratch, but Windows 10 made things easier for you.

In most cases, you can refresh your Windows 10 installation without affecting any user-generated photos or files, resulting in a brand new installation of Windows with all your files still in place.

Cach lam cho may tinh cu chay nhu moi trong Windows 10.

Just remember that you will have to reinstall any programs and applications that you previously installed. You will also need to reinstall your printer driver. But it’s a lot easier than having to recover all your files!

How to make old computers run like new in Windows 10.

If you want to refresh your Windows 10 installation and make your PC run like new again, follow the steps below:

1 – Perform a new System Backup just if something goes wrong while you are refreshing Windows 10. These refresh features usually go away without a glitch, but there’s no guarantee when you’re dealing with it. Microsoft Windows!

2 – Click the Start button.

3 – Click the Settings icon (it looks like a “gear” or “cog”).

4 – Click Update & Security.

5 – Click on Recovery in the left column.

6 – Click the Get started button under “Reset this PC”.

7 – Select the Keep my files option and follow the next on-screen prompts to initiate and complete the refresh process.

8 – Once everything is done, you will need to reinstall the programs and applications along with your printer Diver.

9 – After you’ve set up the computer the way you want.

Summary: The procedure detailed above will allow you to fix almost any problem you have with your PC by refreshing your Windows 10 installation while still keeping your photos and other files.