Doom Eternal enemies can now give you a taste of failure even at medium difficulty (Hurt Me Plenty), so please refer to the following tips!

Doom Eternal is a hysterical game, violent, possessing fast-paced and shooting gameplay “play quality” that I have never seen in any game in recent times. Like the previous games, Doom Eternal has a long, attractive single-player, besides a PvP 2vs1 multiplayer mode called Battlemode. Still, most gamers who buy Doom Eternal will only jump into the single play and remain there until the end.

But this is not an easy game. For gamers to see the destructive power of Doom Slayer, his opponents were “buffed” software. They are now more powerful, more deadly. They possess various attack methods, opening up gamers’ opportunities to show their rip & tear proficiency in the storyline supposedly about 14 hours long. Even the average difficulty (Hurt Me Plenty) can give you a taste of failure for these enemies.

Here are the tips to destroy the enemy in Doom Eternal quickly that I have summarized during the game experience and now please share with you. If you intend to buy the game, do not forget to refer to my previous article about what you need to know before buying Doom Eternal!

Keep changing weapons and using chainsaws.

Unlike Doom 2016 or previous versions, ammunition that you can bring at the beginning of the game is surprisingly little. AlthoughSoftware got you started with a shotgun instead of a pistol, now you only have 16 bullets, and this amount of ammunition will run out very quickly. Besides, each type of monster in the game now has different weaknesses, such as Imp easily stopped by Autocannon or Cacodemon “eating” grenades from a shotgun will immediately glow waiting to be executed. Therefore, please do not use a gun until it runs out of ammunition, but try to switch between the guns in hand to kill the demons more gently.

Làm gì để có thể rip & tear hiệu quả nhất trong Doom Eternal?

The collective assault is imminent, and you are the culprit.

In return, your enemies are still mobile cartridges. The Doom Slayer chainsaw still needs gas, but fortunately, it automatically recovers 1 liter of gasoline (the US must want this technology) after a short time. This is enough for you to open a small monster and take all the blood, armor, bullets from him, while large monsters like Arachnotron or Hell Knight need 3 liters of gasoline. Luckily, Software is more generous with gasoline (probably because we’re on earth) and places gas cans everywhere for you to dissect monsters.

Press all buttons

Do not advise you to press chaotically as if you were using the face to roll on the keyboard, but press it in a rhythm style, which exudes a sense of elegance. Although you still do not need to reload in Doom Eternal, the game still has a lot of buttons you need to remember, in addition to the two mouse buttons and WSAD. Ctrl to throw the grenade, F to change weapon mod, R to fire, C to saw, Shift to dash, Space to jump,… Once you have memorized these buttons and remember the effects of each weapon mod, Your Doom Slayer will be able to perform deadly dances with useless evil howls around us. Your health and armor may drop, but never run out even in Slayer Gate – arenas where the demons are crowded and always jump into the Doom Slayer as if he were the enemy to kill his father.

Who knows, Doom Slayer is the enemy that killed their father (and possibly their previous ancestors)?


The first thing you upgrade in Doom Eternal is your shotgun. It has two different mods, grenade launchers and rapid-fire unlocked through small drones that appear throughout the game screen. Each mod can be further strengthened by the points of the weapons that Doom Slayer will receive by stuffing the demons in each stage. Each game screen has a maximum of 10 points – 5 from the destruction of normal monsters, the rest from the Slayer Room arenas, clash clues hidden in the map’s corner, boss,… If all these points are collected, you will be able to upgrade your weapons pretty quickly.

Một tựa bắn súng xuất sắc cần những yếu tố nào? – P.Cuối

It also feels good to use one barrel.

Once again, the classic “shotgun” of the Doom Slayer is a weapon you should upgrade as much as possible. Upon obtaining this upgrade, its hook will set your opponent ablaze while pulling you toward the target with two gun barrels ready to fire bullets. This will help you escape the situation “out of ammunition, out of blood” easily because every time an enemy caught fire, rushing towards it means you are rushing to your ammunition box!

That’s not all. You can also upgrade the armor, wear runes, unlock new features on the base of Fortress of Doom;… Discovering these features will bring you many benefits, increase the power of Doom Slayer and make your base much cooler, worthy of the role of a nightmare of the demons.

Làm gì để có thể rip & tear hiệu quả nhất trong Doom Eternal?

But nothing could replace Super Shotgun.

Enough with that, I’m going back to the game. See you in Doom Eternal!