What is an XLR file?

An XLR file extension is a Works Worksheet file or chart file – similar to the XLS format of Microsoft Excel.

XLR files are created with Microsoft Works versions 6 through 9 and can store things like charts and images and regular spreadsheet data like text, formulas, and numbers in cells separate spreadsheet.

Cách mở, chỉnh sửa, và chuyển đổi tập tin XLR

WPS is another file format used in Microsoft Works, but for document data (like DOC ) instead of spreadsheet data.

How to open an XLR file

XLR files can be opened and edited with the decommissioned Microsoft Works.

Some versions of Microsoft Excel can open XLR files, but only XLR files are created in Works version 8 or higher. OpenOffice Calc also supports the XLR format.

Tip: If you are using Excel or Calc, try opening that program first and then navigate to the XLR file you want to open. You will usually have better luck opening files this way than trying to configure your computer to open XLR files with one of those programs by default.

You can also try renaming the .XLR file to a .XLS file and then opening it in Microsoft Excel or another program that supports the XLS file.

Note: If your XLR file doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the spreadsheet program, you might have a file in a completely different format than the one described above. Opening this XLR file in Notepad ++ can help you identify the program used to create it and possibly what you can use to open it.

How to Convert an XLR File |

Zamzar is a free file converter that runs in your browser (not a downloadable program) and will convert XLR to XLS, XLSX, PDF, RTF, CSV, and other similar formats.

You might also be lucky enough to convert the XLR file after it has been opened in one of the programs mentioned above, like Excel or Calc.

If you already have Microsoft Works on your computer but want the XLR file in a different format, you can do it there.

Converting an XLR file with one of the above programs is usually done through the File> Save As… menu. For example, if you are using Microsoft Works, open the file and select that menu option to choose from formats like WKS, XLSX, XLSB, XLS, CSV, or TXT.

Also, remember the tip from above about changing file extensions. Doing this won’t properly convert XLR to XLS, but it seems to work in many cases, allowing you to open it up in any XLS viewer/editor you might have on your computer.

At least one of these solutions above should work, but if not, you can use this script from Microsoft’s website to convert XLR to XLS. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but if you’re desperate, it will almost certainly do the trick.

Note: XLR also refers to a type of electrical connector for audio equipment. You can buy an XLR to USB adapter from websites like Amazon.com.