How to save WebP images to JPG, PNG in Chrome

How to quickly save and convert .Webp images to JPG / PNG

Google’s proprietary WebP image format is arguably better than the standard PNG or JPG format. It produces a much smaller file size than JPG and still supports PNG’s transparency with no quality loss. It is being used by many websites today, including YouTube, Google Play Store and Facebook Android app.

Cách lưu ảnh WebP thành JPG, PNG trên Chrome

Ideal as it might be, it’s still not supported by many image editors and online submission forms. Personally, I have to deal with WEBP images regularly in my work and so I have found many ways to save WEBP images to JPG or PNG with each one having its own advantages. In this post, I will share my findings with you.

1. Edit the image URL

Step 1: You open the image to a new tab. Right click on the image, select “Open image in new tab”

Chuyển đổi file WEBP sang PNG

Step 2: The image in a new tab is opened, on the photo URL you delete the letter phrase after the sign ” = . then press ENTER

For example:

The original image URL is in .Webp format: jpg? itok = lbiEYkAI

Chuyển ảnh WEBP sang jpg

The URL is changed after deleting the part ” = lbiEYkAI

Chuyển đổi ảnh webp sang png

Step 3: After changing the URL, right-click in the image and select “ Save image as… ”. choose a save location and click ” Save

2. Use a different web browser

Some browsers, Microsoft Explorer, Firefox and Apple Safari still do not support WebP. So if a website uses .webp files, it must provide JPEG or PNG versions of the same images to Safari or Internet Explorer. Getting JPEG or PNG versions of an image on a web page is usually as simple as simply opening it in Safari or IE and then downloading the image from that browser.

From a web page containing a WebP image, select the URL, right-click on it, then click Copy / Copy .

Đổi webp thành png

Activate another browser that doesn’t support WebP , right-click in the URL address bar, then click Paste / Paste , and press Enter.

Doi duoi file webp sang jpg

Right-click the picture and select Save picture as… . Navigate to a destination folder, then click Save . and your image will download to that folder.

Hướng dẫn chuyển ảnh từ định dạng WebP sang PNG, JPG

3. Use Chrome extensions

On Google Chrome, you can use a handy extension called Save image as Type that adds an option in the context menu to download a WEBP image as PNG, JPG.

Step 1: You enter Get the link below to install for Chrome.

For Opera users, if you want to install this extension, you must have the help of Install Chrome Extensions

Step 2: Installation is complete, right-click on the WebP image> select Save image as Type and select the image you want to save:

Cách chuyển đổi ảnh WebP thành PNG, JPG

    • Save as JPG: Convert and save as JPG.
    • Save as PNG: Convert and save to PNG.
    • Save as WebP: Convert and save as WebP.

Step 3: Then, you name and choose a save location for the image file.

Note: In addition to the Save image as Type extension, you can also use a Chrome extension to trick websites into thinking you are accessing from a browser other than Chrome or Opera.

Lưu WebP dưới dạng PNG

4. Online using webp to JPG / PNG format conversion service

CloudConvert: Go to, click png> image to select the image format you want to convert to> click Select File to select the image. Before converting, you can edit (size, dimension, resolution, format, …), where to save or compress the file (Create archive). Finally, click Start Conversion button to convert and download.

chuyển đổi định dạng webp sang JPG/ PNG trực tuyến

Convertio: Go to, select images from supported sources (computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL)> choose the output format (click PNG> Image ). Next, you click the Change button. When the conversion is successful, click Download.

Sử dụng dịch vụ chuyển đổi định dạng webp sang JPG/ PNG trực tuyến

6. Use a computer image converter

If an online converter is not what you need, a desktop image conversion app will be a great solution. Although there are so many, but personally I like XnConverter because it’s completely free and comes with a lot of features.

XnConverter is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and allows you to batch convert images without limitation. Let’s see how you can use it to convert WEBP images to JPG or PNG:

Step 1: and launch it.
Step 2: In the Input tab, click Add files and choose how many pictures you want.

Step 3: Scroll to the Output tab and you will see dozens of options to adjust. Although you can make adjustments to your liking, simply selecting the desired output format (JPG / PNG) is enough. You can also click Settings below Format to further adjust the output quality.

Step 4: Now click on Convert and all images will be converted and saved in the specified location.

7. Use screen capture of your computer and save it to your device

There are many ways to take pictures of your computer screen,

Good luck! Have any questions you can ask questions below