Windows comes with a powerful search engine that allows you to find applications, search the Windows Store and the web, and find files on your computer. The search engine in Windows 7 is used to find content in file names and file contents. You can even search for the contents of .zip files in Windows 7.
Most people are unaware that this function still exists in Windows 10. It is not clear how to enable it. Today we will show you how to allow searching through file content in Windows 10.

tìm kiếm nhanh các File nội dung trong Windows 10

Turn on the option to search through the file content

Click the Cortana or Search button on the toolbox and enter “Indexing Options”. Then, click T Indexing Options under Merge.

Open Indexing Options

On the Indexing Options dialog box, click Advanced.

Nhấp vào Nâng cao trong Tùy chọn Lập chỉ mục

Click the File Types tab on the Advanced Options dialog box. By default, all extensions are selected, and that’s what we want. This will allow Windows to search through all types of files on your hard drive.

Select Index Properties and File Contents in the How should this file be indexed section. Then, click OK.

Thuộc tính Index và File Contents

A Rebuild Index dialog box will display, warning you that the index rebuild can take a long time. That means that all the contents of your hard drive may not be searched until the indexing is finished. Click OK.

Chỉ mục xây dựng lại

Click Close on the Indexing Options dialog box.

Đóng hộp thoại Tùy chọn Lập chỉ mục

Search through files in File Explorer

Now, when you search for text in File Explorer, Windows will look for the contents of the files for text in addition to looking for file names.

Remember, if you don’t get results for searches right away, you may have to wait for folders and files indexed.

Tìm kiếm nội dung tập tin

What methods do you use to search the content of files in Windows? Do you use any third-party apps to find the contents of the files? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.