Replace an old laptop hard drive with a new one or upgrade to a larger drive or an SSD.

Replacing the hard drive in most laptops is almost as easy as selling popcorn in a movie theater. Just follow the simple steps listed below:

Important: Replacing a regular laptop hard drive requires removing a few small head screws. These screws are easy to lose, so make sure you keep them throughout the entire process.

While replacing a laptop hard drive is usually a straightforward and straightforward process, things can go wrong on occasion. Follow the instructions below carefully – and only if you are willing to take the risks of doing so.

Also, some laptop models must be partially disassembled to access and replace the hard drive. If your laptop is one of them, I recommend paying a top qualified computer technician service to replace the drive for you.

Guide to the steps to replace the laptop hard drive

1 – Disconnect everything attached to the laptop. This includes all USB cables, flash drives, external monitors, external speakers, and so on.

2 – Turn on the laptop and remove the battery.

3 – Identify the small rectangular panel that covers the hard drive bay and remove it. This typically involves removing one or more small Phillips head screws and then gently removing the cover from its slot. Be careful not to break the surface or any other part of the laptop.

4 – Remove the small screws that hold the hard drive in place, and then slide the drive in the direction opposite the connector. When the drive has no connector, lift it out of the bay.

5 – If the drive is mounted in the bracket, remove the screws, hold the drive in the bracket, then remove the drive from the bracket.

6 – Remove the new drive from the packaging and install by reversing steps 1-5.

It is a relatively simple process. If you are interested, here is a short video detailing the procedure in visual form:

Yes, you have it. Quite simple, right?