How to set Video as Desktop Wallpaper with fast VLC

Tired of static desktop backgrounds and want something a little more entertaining? Today we are going to see setting video as wallpaper in VLC media player.

Instructions to set desktop wallpaper with VLC player

Download and install VLC player.

Open VLC and choose Tools> Preferences .

On the Preferences window, select the Video button on the left.

In Video Settings , choose DirectX video output from the Output drop-down list .

Click Save before exiting and then restart VLC.

Next, select a video and start playing it with VLC.Right- click on the screen , select Video , then choose DirectX Wallpaper .

You can achieve similar results by choosing Video from the Menu and clicking DirectX Wallpaper .

If you are using Windows Aero Themes, you may get the warning message below and your theme will switch to a basic theme automatically.

Once Wallpaper is turned on, minimize VLC player and enjoy the show as you work.

When you’re ready to go back to your regular wallpaper, click Video and then close VLC.

Occasionally we have to manually change the wallpaper back to normal.You can do that by right clicking on the screen and selecting your theme.


This might not make for the most efficient desktop environment, but it’s pretty cool. It certainly doesn’t feel boring anymore.