How to show / hide the application list in Start Menu In Windows 10

How to show / hide the application list in Start Menu In Windows 10

When Windows 10 was released back in July 2015, the Start Menu was a bit different from what it currently has in the Anniversary Update (version 1607). The left pane of the Start Menu will show most recently used and used applications. The Power button, the File Explorer icon, the Settings app icon, and the All Apps button will appear below these lists.

With Anniversary Update for Windows 10, Microsoft removed the All apps button to make the list of all apps easily accessible without having to click the All apps button. Most users like the new Start design but many users actually lack the All apps button.

Start Menu has been customized since the early days of Windows 10. We can resize the Start Menu or remove all the tiles from the right side of the Start Menu but cannot keep the tiles on the Start. Menu by Delete or hide application list.

Hide the Start Menu apps list in Windows 10

Starting with Windows 10 build 14942, you can hide or delete the application list from the Start Menu. When you hide the application list, the Start Menu will not show the list of recently added applications, the list of most used applications, or a list of all applications.

This feature is useful if you are not using most of the list of used and recently added applications in the Start Menu. Many users may like the ability to hide Start Menu apps list, but I think most used and recently used listings are quite helpful.

When the list of apps is hidden, power, settings and other icons at the far left end of the Start Menu will continue to appear. In addition, when you hide the Start Menu apps list, Windows 10 will add a visible app list icon to the left pane so that users can temporarily view all apps, the recently added list. and most used.

How to hide or delete all apps list in Windows 10

Step 1: Open the Settings app and navigate to Personalization> Start. .

Step 2: Turn on hide the application list in Personalization> Start option. to hide the application list. Turn off the Hide app list in Start menu option in the Start Menu to display the application list in the Start Menu.

Cách hiển thị / ẩn danh sách ứng dụng trong Start Menu Trong Windows 10

And if the Hide apps list option is missing, this is most likely because you’re not running version 14942 or later of Windows 10.